Wanchai Words with Vinny Lauria

Wanchai Words with Vinny Lauria

Vinny gives us his take on the neighbourhood

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Established as an institution in Wanchai, Stone Nullah Tavern has entrenched itself in the community with its consistent friendliness, fun-loving attitude, delicious New American food and unbeatable happy hour deals. Much of this is down to chef Vinny Lauria and his special brand of inspired dining experiences.

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How’s the vibe of Wanchai different from other parts in Hong Kong? It's a great juxtaposition of old Wanchai and new Wanchai. We feel very nestled into a special neighbourhood in Hong Kong. It's one of the oldest neighbourhoods on the island.

Would you compare Wanchai to any similar districts in other big cities? The energy on Stone Nullah Lane is special. We all walked into the space and instantly were transported to Brooklyn. We looked at each other the first time we saw the space and just felt the vibe.

Where is your favourite place to eat in Wanchai? It's on the border of Wanchai and Causeway Bay. You can find me at Lee's Family Chicken or Ichiran a lot of nights. Some of the best food in Hong Kong, but pretty undiscovered considering how f**king good it is.

You’re well known for your sustainability and ecological practices in your restaurants. How did this become a passion project for you and how has it evolved over time? It's just a way to cook for me. My father always told me, "There is a right way and a wrong way to do things. You make the choice." It's the only way to me. As I educate myself more, I continue to find ways to get better at it. And I have a lot of people around me now that inspire that.

Any new projects coming up for you? Linguini Fini is expanding. We have people coming from other countries to work with us in Hong Kong. It only drives the creativity of the flagship Hong Kong shop. There is a lot that happens every time I visit Hanoi and Manila. It drives my inquisition. Makes me ask, what more can I do? What resources have I not reached here in Hong Kong?

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