Dim Sum Workshop at Yum Cha. We made our own dim sum at the latest Foodie Club event

Dim Sum Workshop at Yum Cha

We made our own dim sum at the latest Foodie Club event

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We were fully sold out for our latest Foodie Club event at Yum Cha last weekend. Keep updated with all our upcoming events by joining Foodie Club - it's free to join. 

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Yum Cha offers dim sum workshops as private events where you'll be able to learn techniques from experienced dim sum masters

The Workshop

Upon arrival, the friendly staff at Yum Cha greeted us with smiles, instructions and aprons for us to get stuck in with the workshop. Their expert dim sum chefs showed us some essential techniques for making their signature Custard Buns and Siu Mai with guided demos and hands on rolling, squeezing and shaping. We were pleased to hear that all the dim sum at Yum Cha are free from artificial colourings and MSG, so if you were wondering how their custard buns are that beautiful yellow hue, they are actually cleverly coloured with carrot juice. Their siu mai skins are also especially made with spinach juice for a unique green look. 

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Shaping siu mai is not as easy as it looks

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Custard buns, eager and waiting the steamer

The Afternoon Tea

The workshop lasted for about 90 minutes, leaving us hungry and eager to see our final products. The afternoon tea that followed was an array of their best dishes including jumbo spare ribs, orange wintermelon, peppered eggplant, sticky honey balsamic wings and piggy buns all paired with a glass of Prosecco. Our hot siu mai and custard buns were delivered to us straight from the steamer where we were able to see and taste our creations. 

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Yum Cha's jumbo spare ribs, spinach rolls, peppered eggplant, sticky winds, orange wintermelon and pineapple

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Pigs in cages, which made us a little sad, but then we tasted their beautiful BBQ pork filling and felt less so

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#nailedit Our siu mai wasn't as professional looking but tasted great, with big chunks of juicy pork and shrimp in every bite. 

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The star of the show. Squeeze it, poke it, eat it - these custard buns were endless fun!

Foodie Member Tried and Tasted

We asked our trusted Foodie members what they thought of Yum Cha's dim sum workshop and the food that followed.

All guests said that they would return to Yum Cha for their delicious food.

"It's a great place to bring out-of-towners for a unique dim sum experience"

80% of guests said the workshop was useful, well-run and great value.

"I liked how the dim sum masters focused on the essential dim sum making techniques"

VERDICT: Two thumbs up!

Yum Cha offers their dim sum workshops and afternoon tea for private parties from 8 to 20 people. Email central@yumchahk.com to book in advance. 

Yum Cha, Shop 1-2, 2/F, Nan Fung Place, 173 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan

Tel: 3708 8081 

Website: www.yumchahk.com 



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