Yangshuo Bike Festival

Yangshuo Bike Festival

Go on a bike tour, foodie style

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Foodie  Foodie  on 21 Aug '16

As foodies through and through, the lengths we go to in order to search for good and authentic food are unimaginable. We'll travel great distances to the countryside and trawl through every nook and cranny just to slurp a bowl of noodles made according to an age-old family recipe.

Yangshuo Bike Festival, to take place on 26–28 August, is everything we've dreamed of and more. It is a three-day cycling tour that will take you deep into the countryside of China's Yangshuo region, winding through a UNESCO-listed southern China karst landscape, past rice paddies, rivers and local farms. You will stay in a restored 400-year-old mud-brick and Qing dynasty grey brick village, dining on local dishes while in the company of live music and DJs. This festival is aimed at both supporting the local communities and allowing visitors to experience village life. 

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The food will be seasonally and locally focused, and you will have a chance to interact with local farmers and bike through the birthplaces of all the produce that will eventually go into making your meals.

The festival is open to anyone who can ride a bike but welcomes more experienced riders, too, who may opt to do longer/harder rides.

For more information including transport and costs, click here or contact Bruce on bruce@bikeaways.com.



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