An Unconventional Cookbook by Para Site: The Unappropriated Recipes

An Unconventional Cookbook by Para Site: The Unappropriated Recipes

Contemporary art centre Para Site's cookbook combines two of Hong Kongers' most beloved things: food and the city itself

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A collaborative project by Para Site's local and international communities, The Unappropriated Recipes is not a cookbook per se but rather a visual manifestation of Hong Kong in the form of recipes as imagined by a group of artists, curators and supporters of Para Site.

An example is Hong Kong artist Luke Ching Chin-wai's witty and ironic metaphor for the current HK constitutional principle 'one country, two systems'. The recipe teaches users how to fry egg whites and egg yolks separately:

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Hong Kong artist Oscar Chan Yik Long came up with a spaghetti recipe that utilises fortune-telling sticks:

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The project is still at the crowdfunding stage, and Para Site are looking to raise HK$80,000 to begin physical publication. Backers of the campaign will receive a variety of prizes, including limited-edition cookware and an invitation to an exclusive food event where they'll get to mingle with the contributors and artists of this special project.

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