The French Say Non to Plastic

The French Say Non to Plastic

Plastic cups and dishware will be no more in France in this country's controversial ban

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First came plastic bags – France took its first hard-line step in its plans to become more environmentally friendly by banning them in July – and from 2020 plastic cups, dishware and utensils will no longer be sold in the country. From this date, all disposable dishes must be created from biologically sourced materials and be compostable.

While some European Union lobbyists are up in arms, saying that the plastic prohibition violates the EU's free-trade rules, we give France a huge thumbs up for its forward-thinking eco-conscious stance. Plastic is a major contributor to environmental pollution around the world, particularly affecting marine animals.

Our only word of advice? If you're planning a trip to France in the next few years with a Gallic picnic spread in mind, think of alternatives to those obligatory plastic wine glasses and knives for your pain et fromage.


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