Björn Frantzén Brings his Famed Flavours to Hong Kong and Macau

Björn Frantzén Brings his Famed Flavours to Hong Kong and Macau

Update: Frantzén's Kitchen will be opening in Hong Kong on 24 November and his pop-up in Macau will continue to run until  17 December

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Björn Frantzén is the Swedish chef behind one of the best restaurants in the world: Restaurant Frantzén in Stockholm has held its two Michelin stars for seven years in addition to its place on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list for four years running. Hong Kong and Macau will now get to share in his revolutionary Nordic cuisine as he opens his own restaurant in Sheung Wan, as well as holding a two-month stint at the Altira Macau.

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Hong Kong will be Chef Frantzén's very first restaurant outside Sweden. He says, 'Opening Frantzén’s Kitchen in Hong Kong is a natural step for us. I have long dreamed of opening a restaurant overseas, and Asian cuisine is very close to my heart. Hong Kong is one of the world’s most interesting cities for food, and it will be a challenge to create a Nordic food experience with local ingredients and influences there.'

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Frantzén’s Kitchen in Hong Kong is a collaboration with entrepreneurs Arne and Helen Lindman, who own the property on Upper Station Street where the restaurant will reside. The husband-and-wife team say, 'There has long been an absence of modern Nordic cuisine in Hong Kong, and we are happy to be involved with opening Frantzén’s Kitchen. The restaurant will represent the best of Swedish gastronomy.'

The restaurant will be headed by Jim Löfdahl, who previously held the head chef position at Restaurant Frantzén in Gamla Stan in Stockholm as part of the team that achieved two Michelin stars there.

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Not to leave out our nearest neighbouring city, from 1 October to 17 December 2016, Altira’s private dining venue Yi Pavilion welcomes Chef Frantzén as he prepares two Scandinavian menus along with his team, creating dishes where 95 per cent of the ingredients hail directly from Sweden. The menus are available every Thursday to Saturday for up to 12 guests per night.

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Yi Pavilion at Altira Macau 

Frantzén Group’s head mixologist, Oskar Johansson, also bar manager of the group’s cocktail bar Corner Club situated in the Old Town of Stockholm, is along for the gastronomic ride, preparing beautiful beverages for guests looking to discover Nordic drinks along with the dining. 

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Head mixologist Oskar Johansson

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We spoke to Chef Frantzén to discover the details of his exciting Macau sojourn: 

Why have you chosen Macau for this three-month-long event?  

From what I have heard – correct me if I'm wrong – Macau is the original East meets West. And in this perspective, it makes Macau a good place to introduce new flavours and new styles of cooking.

What similarities do you see with any Asian cuisines and Nordic cuisine? 

I see similarities in the Scandinavian and Japanese traditions. They both have a long tradition in preserving and fermenting.

What are you most excited about for this event? 

I am very excited about this pop-up event at Altira Macau and hope that it can help increase the presence of Nordic cuisine in the region.

Have you been over this way before? 

Yes, but only for a few days. I’m looking forward to visiting again. Hopefully I won’t be in such a hurry again this time.

What is your impression of the dining scene here? 

I haven’t had the luck to try that much yet. But I can imagine that it offers flavours from all over the world and a great variety of cooking traditions.

What are you looking forward to discovering during your time here? 

I’m always looking for new flavours and combinations. I'm also looking forward to meeting the people!  

Frantzén's Kitchen

Located on 11 Upper Station Street in Sheung Wan. Opening on 24 November 2016, the restaurant will be open in the evenings and for lunches at the weekend. Reservations can be made here.

Björn Frantzén's menu at Altira Macau

MOP688 or MOP1,288 per person for the six-course or ten-course menus. For an additional MOP388, wine pairings and Chef Frantzén’s signature canapés are also included. For bookings, phone (853) 2886 8868.



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