Lan Kwai Fong's Painting the Town Green

Lan Kwai Fong's Painting the Town Green

New green dishes unveiled in collaboration with Green Monday

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New green dishes and cocktails have now been unveiled across the entire gamut of Lan Kwai Fong Group's 17 restaurants in a bid to raise awareness and show support towards achieving a more sustainable food industry in Hong Kong.

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Amazake – Fla-mango and nasu dengaku (miso-glazed aubergine)

In partnership with Green Monday, the renowned social start-up tackling climate change and promoting low-carbon and sustainable living, Lan Kwai Fong's restaurants will join the fight by adding dishes that encourage diners to make changes in their everyday lives, choosing to devour a delicious meat-free option while contributing to lowering greenhouse-gas emissions in the process.

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Espuma – beetroot risotto

Dr Allan Zeman says, 'Lan Kwai Fong is renowned for being ahead of style and trend. As people in Hong Kong are getting more aware of a healthy-living lifestyle, we want to take this forward and bring on the ultimate green movement with innovation and sophistication. Let’s build a greener LKF together!'

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Koko – mushroom hot pot

Available every day, apart from Mondays, from now on, this specially curated menu of vegetarian delights will wow the palate as well as being more gentle on the planet. The participating restaurants are some of the most popular haunts in Hong Kong, including Amazake, Beef & Liberty, Brickhouse, CÉ LA VI, Ciao Chow, Espuma, Fish & Meat, FoFo by el Willy, Fovea, Jinjuu, Koko, Kyoto Joe, Lily & Bloom, Mercato, Porterhouse by Laris, Sushi Kuu and Tokio Joe.

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Kyoto Joe – sweet & spicy vegetables

'Beef & Liberty has always stood for sourcing the finest ingredients for our food. Now, I’m excited to be taking on this challenge of creating high-quality, healthy dishes without including our main selling point of, well, beef,' says Uwe Opocensky, group executive chef at Beef & Liberty.

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Beef & Liberty – vegetable crudités

'It is our responsibility as members of the restaurant industry to play our part, and I’m excited for you all to experience the delicious green creations we at Jinjuu have prepared for the movement,' says Judy Joo, founder and master chef from Jinjuu Hong Kong. 'We actually have a leg up, because Korean cuisine already offers a lot in terms of tasty healthy-eating options.'

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Jinjuu – mixed baby vegetable platter

Use the official hashtag #GreenLKF to join the journey towards greener eating and sustainable living.


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