Kitschy Eats in CWB<br>

Kitschy Eats in CWB

The weird and wonderful spaces that populate Causeway Bay

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This unique little bistro has walls adorned with hand-painted replicas of van Gogh’s famous works, but there’s also a pool table and you can karaoke. Categorised as Italian, they serve French rabbit, Boston lobster, Ibérico ham and Australian lamb and have a bit of everything from everywhere, not to mention cheesecake, pavlova and a decent wine list. It’s quirky, and the owner is incredibly friendly and passionate about putting artistic flair into all his endeavours.

Web or Tel: 3528 1333 

2B Shing Wah Mansion, 451–457 Hennessy Road

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Unless you are in the know about these kinds of things, it’s kind of hard to explain, but let’s try. Pompompurin is a famous Japanese Sanrio character (think Hello Kitty for reference). He looks like caramel custard pudding (purin is Japanese pudding), but he’s actually a golden retriever who always wears a brown beret. As such, everything – and we really mean everything – in this café is shaped like Pompompurin, from the rice, pancakes and lattes to the dishware and furniture. If you want to experience a meal that’s completely surreal, Pompompurin Café is a great place to start.

Web or Tel: 2893 0095 

B1/F, Macau Yat Yuen Centre, 525 Hennessy Road


This café completely panders to all those who just love to share their love of themselves. You can get your selfies printed on your macarons so you can eat yourself, on your latte so you can drink yourself and on a box of marshmallows so you can gift yourself to someone else. What better present could there be than your own face to devour at will? Don’t despair if you find yourself confused about the concept. It’s super simple: you literally get your face printed directly onto the foam of your coffee or the top surface of your dessert. You never have to be without your likeness on anything you ingest ever again.

Web or Tel: 6620 7240 

Kiosk, 8/F, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street


Like Japanese food and love pirates? Satay King is for you. Not just hinted at in the decor, Satay King even places life-size pirate models at the table to dine on Japanese curry right along with you. We all know how pirates love their satay!

Web or Tel: 2893 6667 

9/F, Causeway Bay Plaza 1, 489 Hennessy Road


Frank Muller’s signature watch range Color Dream has inspired this Japanese-Italian restaurant that’s filled with bright hues and eccentric touches. Dishes range from Wagyu oxtail stew and chicken casserole to sashimi octopus salad and udon. It’s delicious fare and highly stylised decor.

Web or Tel: 2153 3136 

2/F, 15–21 Sharp Street East

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Good Old Days is kitted out with retro furniture that’s so cool, you’ll want to take it all home with you. And you can. You can enjoy your meal at your table and then buy the table afterwards. Heck, you can even buy your chair, the lights and the sofas. Everything has a price tag and is eco-friendly and sourced from Thailand. Did we mention the food is great too? Omelettes and eggs Benedict, pasta dishes, sandwiches and desserts, all in a kitschy, cool setting. Perusing furniture while dining – that’s our kind of shopping.

Web or Tel: 2320 1198 

Shop 2–3, Parkview Commercial Building, 9–11 Shelter Street, 2320 1198



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