Retail Ecology. A new shopping experience with the launch of K11 Natural

Retail Ecology

A new shopping experience with the launch of K11 Natural

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Foodie  Foodie Your Guide to Good Taste  on 19 Dec '16

An interesting new concept was launched this month at the inventive K11 in TST, known for its art, people and nature theme. K11 Natural aims to showcase wellness, nature and craftsmanship with its 9,000-square-foot space filled with small local and international artisanal brands providing speciality goods. Eleven of the shops featured are making their Hong Kong debut in K11 Natural, including a Swedish organic store with goods that have all been produced using only solar energy and following strict KRAV standards (corresponding to certified organic products in Sweden), a local health-infused fast cocktail bar, a French boutique grocer that advocates zero waste and a local coffee roaster whose family-run business has spanned three generations. 

K11 Natural features the following speciality stores, amongst others:

Simplii Yours is run in collaboration with a professional local coffee roaster team whose family-run business has operated through three generations for 100 years. It brings customers 100 per cent natural and handcrafted coffee, freshly roasted in Hong Kong, with no additives and preservatives. The roaster offers 17 coffee blends tailor-made for the local market and a personalised coffee-blending service for discerning coffee lovers looking for a unique taste.

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Edgar, with products originating from France, is a boutique grocery store that was founded by Hong-Kong-based Swiss Raphaël De Ry. Advocating a zero-waste approach, Edgar urges customers to buy only what they need by offering organic and natural products that are not pre-packed. The shop also encourages customers to bring their own containers for shopping. By cutting down on unnecessary packaging, the prices come down by as much as 25 per cent compared to other organic goods available on the market, staying reasonably priced while making an effort to reduce the carbon footprint.

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is a Swedish green concept that provides a selection of products from KRAV, a well-respected sustainability food label recognised by most Swedes. The brand has strict requirements to certify a product as organic and also stands for animal care, social responsibility and good health. KRAV-label-led foods are produced without the use of chemical pesticides and artificial fertilisers, protecting the rights of both farmers and animals. What’s more, they also offer natural, non-alcoholic beverages, baby food and chocolates made from premium-quality cacao beans – with no artificial colouring or additives, using coconut palm sugar instead of refined sugar. The products are rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins and suitable for vegans (gluten and milk free). Nordic flavours such as wild blueberry and sea buckthorn are showcased.

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Something Wild – The Farm is an outdoor-inspired theme restaurant that embraces outdoor lifestyle, trends and food. Building on the green concept of farm to table, they offer local, fresh cuisine, gardening and cooking workshops and related products. The workshops demonstrate ways of cooking with homegrown, freshly picked veggies and give tips on home farming. Dedicated to local food sources, the chefs have designed numerous dishes using locally grown herbs and a selection of sustainable seafood, local organic vegetables and meat and other seasonal ingredients. To preserve the authentic flavours of the food, the dishes are designed with minimal cooking steps. The restaurant also features the Something Wild Market, a corner managed by farming specialists and chefs where customers can buy potted herbs and experience the joys of urban farming. A variety of homemade sauces, dried fruits and herb-infused olive oils are also available for anyone who wants to bring the farm-to-table experience back home.

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K11 Natural appears to be paving the way with an inspirational way to shop ethically and mindfully by supporting small brands pioneering thoughtful, respectful and sustainable methods of producing goods. We are excited about the possibilities opening up with visionary shopping solutions like K11 Natural and hope to see more like it in this ever-evolving city!

3/F, K11, 18 Hanoi Road, TST 



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