Live Well with Eatology

Live Well with Eatology

This top-of-the-line meal-delivery service offers personalised healthy-eating meal plans with a focus on the origin of the ingredients and eco-conscious packaging

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In a city where healthy eating often takes a back seat to convenience and affordability, Eatology have saved the day with their tailor-made meal plans delivered straight to our doors. There are a variety of programme options – from Lighter Delights, which offers lower-carb, dietician-approved menus to complement weight loss, to Optimal Performance meals higher in protein and calories to suit fitness fanatics, to meatless vegetarian and vegan choices.

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Each plan can be booked in one-, two- or three-weekly frequencies, and the number of calories consumed each day can also be specified. Prices are extremely reasonable considering the amount of care, research and time put into the creation of each meal, with the most basic one-week Lighter Delights plan coming in at about $1,500 for two meals and two snacks delivered each weekday. You’ll never be bored with Eatology meal plans – more than 100 delicious and visually appealing recipes have been created to suit clients’ specific dietary requirements.

For each meal dished up, the origin and intrinsic make-up of the ingredients used are extremely important to the Eatology team, who understand that it can be difficult to source high-quality, environmentally friendly food in Hong Kong. They’ve scoured the market in order to source and select suppliers that match their strict criteria.The only meal-delivery service in Hong Kong to use organic eggs, the rest of Eatology’s ingredients showcase an equally high pedigree. The chicken is cage, antibiotic and hormone free (these birds are also fed a solely veggie-based diet), the beef is grass fed, the seafood is sustainable and all the pantry staples (think yoghurt, granola and pasta) are organic. In addition, no processed ingredients, MSG, preservatives or stabilisers are used, which makes a big difference to each dish’s flavour and freshness. With such a dedicated commitment to the use of quality ingredients, you can indulge in an Eatology meal without feeling even a tiny twinge of guilt.

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The no-plastic movement is gaining more and more attention around the world, with citizens concerned about the damage plastic pollution is doing to our environment, especially to the marine life in our seas and oceans. Eatology have furthered their eco-conscious pledge by portioning all their meals in neatly designed compostable packaging.

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