New Restaurant: Dodam Chicken

New Restaurant: Dodam Chicken

Korean fried chicken joint Dodam clucks its way into Causeway Bay

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The Korean fried chicken craze shows no signs of abating anytime soon – and as fans of all things Korean and all things fried, we’re not complaining. The latest addition to the KFC scene is  premium Korean brand Dodam Chicken in Causeway Bay’s Lee Theatre.

Dodam stands apart from its bird brethren because it bills itself as serving up ‘healthy’ fried chicken. A bit of misnomer, you say? Well, the cooking process is certainly laborious. Flavoured with 27 secret herbs, the chicken is first baked in a pizza oven, then roasted in a standard oven and finally fried for the ultimate triple-cooked crunchy exterior. When the chook is baked in the pizza oven, the heat gets up to more than 400°C, removing any extraneous fat. Take your pick from the likes of the Hwaduck original fried chicken ($178) and sweet and spicy chicken ($185), plus many more KFC options. Other creative Korean fusion dishes are also on the menu, including Gorgonzola pizza ($128), spicy seafood udon tang ($175) and tteokbokki carbonara ($148).

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Wash these dishes down with a selection of Korean-style bevvies such as strawberry ade and honey yuzu tea and end on a sweet note with a scoop of raspberry sorbet or caramel biscuit ice cream.

Tip: During the soft opening period, until 12 January 2017, diners will receive complimentary soft drinks and discounts on all food items (30% off from 11:30am–6pm and 20% off from 6–11:30pm).

18/F, Lee Theatre Plaza, 99 Percival Street, Causeway Bay, 2333 8365/8375


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