The World's Best Female Chef 2017: Ana Ros

The World's Best Female Chef 2017: Ana Ros

Ana Roš of Hiša Franko in Slovenia has been named the top chef the world over

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This year’s winner of The World’s Best Female Chef by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, Ana Roš of Slovenia, has a particularly interesting background. A self-taught chef, she is a former national ski champion and actually began her career in the diplomatic corps. It was only in 2000, when along with her sommelier husband, Valter, she took ownership of the historic Hiša Franko restaurant in the Soča Valley of Slovenia that her culinary journey began.

At Hiša Franko, Chef Roš’ cuisine is inspired by Slovenia’s multicultural heritage, surrounded by the neighbouring countries of Italy, Hungary, Austria and Croatia. She is acclaimed for adding bold, surprising twists to traditional dishes made using local ingredients, with the beautiful presentation just as noteworthy as the flavours produced.

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Snails in a Spring Garden

Image titleRevival of Brodetto

Not only a master in the kitchen, Chef Roš is also a dedicated philanthropist, using the medium of food to help others. She’s worked with underprivileged young girls in India as a chef mentor and taught recovering addicts how to cook. In addition, the chef has been featured on the popular Netflix series Chef’s Table.

If only Slovenia weren’t quite so far away…


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