Food War: Poké War

Food War: Poké War

This raw fish salad has hit Hong Kong like a big, fat tuna to the face, with shops opening all over town serving up their slice of Hawaiian heaven. We poked holes in four of the big contenders to see which one made us want to say aloha again and again

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The Poké Co

Foodie rating: 3 stars

Price per poké: $98

2 Landale Street, Wanchai, 3705 1782

Looks: We loved the big, meaty chunks of tuna, and the scattering of sesame seeds made for an attractive topping, with it all looking very fresh and appetising.

Taste: The marinade left quite a sweet lingering on the fish, with a tiny hint of spice underneath but also a bit of a fishy aftertaste. Perhaps a bit on the sugary side for our particular taste buds and lacking that clean fish flavour that we crave.

Verdict: The saucy option, with plenty of fancy dressings to suit any and all like citrus miso, Korean fire sauce and XO sauce. A few unique offerings give The Poké Co a boost such as zoodles, buckwheat noodles and quinoa and kale to beef up the nutritional value. This was already the priciest poké player, and any of those add-ons will tag another extra bit on your bill.


Foodie rating: 2 stars

Price per poké: $80

20 Hoi Kwong Street, Quarry Bay, 9386 8984

Looks: Initially, this looked great, with mounds of nori, cucumber and avocado, but they were shielding a small bundle of quite brownish tuna with a red centre that wasn’t as appealing (and is probably the reason most tuna in Asia is coloured to stay pink). We worried that perhaps the fish had cooked slightly in transit atop the rice as we transported it back to the office, so we didn’t feel we got the best example of what Aloha had to offer.

Taste: We liked the mixture of textures, with the tuna, cucumber and seaweed combining to make a nice, complete dish. The thinly chopped tuna pieces also meant that the fish was saturated with sauce to a deeper flavour level than the bigger-chunked contenders.

Verdict: Not our favourite this time round. But we liked the different options available on their carefully crafted menu. They've done a lot of the guesswork for you with their cool Japanese-inspired flavour combinations, and we'd like to return to give them another try.


Foodie rating: 4 stars

Price per poké: $78

8 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan, 2811 2115

Looks: This made for a beautiful bowl, with its bountiful small cuts of tuna topped with ginger and spring onion.

Taste: The biggest thing to note about Pokéworld is that they don’t marinate the fish. Instead, they drizzle the sauce on afterwards. This had the benefit of the shoyu dripping down and being absorbed into the rice, which we liked, but the fish on its own didn’t have that pizzazz that we have come to associate with poké. The no-charge additions of spring onion and ginger on top made for a nice texture balance with the firm tuna, soft rice and crunchy vegetables.

Verdict: Spoilt for choice with prolific protein options of salmon, salmon belly, tuna, marlin, octopus, cooked prawn and tofu, this was by far the best value and tasted good and fresh, but it wasn’t quite our favourite for the all-important fish element.


Foodie rating: 5 stars

Price per poké: $90

4 Swatow Street, Wanchai, 2755 9099

Looks: Not the most glamorous of the bunch, this one was more substance than style. A good-looking red hue to the tuna and a paper takeaway bowl were subtle winners on appearance.

Taste: Big cuts of fresh, silky tuna. The traditional spicy comes with a kick of chilli that’s nothing major, along with a good hit of shoyu and a crunch of spring onion that adds much-needed texture to each bite so that it's not too one-dimensional.

Verdict: A traditional version that’s all about the fresh fish. Daily-changing flavours as well as fish choices, with a furikake edamame option for a veggie spike and a choice of a creamy sesame sauce or sesame vinaigrette to dose up your salad. If you’re after a proper poké, this one tops the chart.

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