Come Visit Us at Foodie Market! (and Do Some Shopping While You're at It)

Come Visit Us at Foodie Market! (and Do Some Shopping While You're at It)

Eco-totes, reusable drinking straws and more

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For those who have already copped a ticket to the upcoming, highly anticipated Taste of Hong Kong presented by Standard Chartered 2017, taking place at Central Harbourfront on 16–19 March, be sure to come and say hi to your fellow food fanatics (us!) at the Foodie stall, located inside Foodie Market

At our very own booth, we will be selling a variety of reusable, green-themed products, falling right in line with our February pledge to minimise our consumption of short-lived goods, reduce packaging waste and make sustainability a real priority in our day-to-day lives.

Foodie Eco-totes

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Given the extensive range of quality food and drink you'll have to choose from at Taste, it's pretty much a given that you won't be leaving the festival empty-handed. In fact, considering all the delicious bargains there on display, there's a dangerous possibility that you'll arrive back home with a wasteful number of plastic and paper bags alongside your gourmet purchases. Instead of contributing to the shocking amount of waste that is discarded in our city on a daily basis (including up to 2,000 tonnes of plastic!), get a Foodie eco-tote to carry all your scrumptious goodies while remaining eco-friendly. 

Choose between three different Foodie-exclusive designs to not-so-subtly brag about your good taste when you're out and about.

Reusable Drinking Straws

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Do your part in combating today's throwaway culture by picking up a reusable drinking straw, made out of stylish stainless steel.

Handkerchiefs from The Chief Project

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Easily doubling as covetable table napkins, these edgy handkerchiefs from The Chief Project are made out of repurposed cotton fabric from high-end clothing manufacturers. The Project aims to tackle Hong Kong's rapidly growing waste problem – firstly, by utilising materials that would otherwise have been discarded by the fashion industry and, secondly, by encouraging the use of handkerchiefs over tissue paper, which forms the second-largest waste category in Hong Kong and accounts for seven per cent of daily waste.

Lunchboxes from Lexngo

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Anticipate a range of stylish but practical food containers from Lexngo. Select from the collapsible noodle box (with spork), the collapsible flexi box, the collapsible snack box and the snack container with cover. All of Lexngo's products are made of flexible but strong silicone rubber and are heat resistant up to 220°C and freezer safe to –40°C (you can therefore safely use these colourful boxes and containers in dishwashers, microwaves and ovens). When silicon decomposes – and it does so naturally – the resulting Si02 blends in with the air, water and soil without posing any harm or threat to the environment. This means that your purchase doesn't have to come with a troubling guilty conscience that you have somehow contributed to the world's continuing waste and pollution problems.

Click here to purchase Taste tickets – exclusive for Foodie readers, enjoy 26% savings when you use the discount code foodie2017.


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