Food Tech: Amazon Go and Cook with M&S

Food Tech: Amazon Go and Cook with M&S

The latest and greatest ideas being cooked up in the tech kitchens. What we're geeking over this month: Amazon Go and Marks & Spencer's cooking app

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Is Amazon Go the Supermarket of the Future?

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Opening their first Amazon grocery store in Seattle earlier this year, the premise is that you walk in, activate the free app on your phone, then take what you like and walk out again. Amazon Go will track what you’ve selected with their high-tech system, charge your account through the app and send you a receipt. You’ll have no queues to deal with and no checkout. It’s like online shopping in person. The video released to announce the new service used terms like 'deep-learning algorithms' that don’t add much insight into how the store will actually work, but it does seem like the logical next step after self-service kiosks. It also highlights a further step down the rabbit hole of isolation, with less and less everyday interaction with humans. They call it 'just walk out' technology, and it’s a fascinating idea – full of all kinds of scary promise.

Cook with M&S

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This free app is one of our favourite new discoveries. It features a vast collection of recipes, carefully catalogued with beautiful photography, simple, easy-to-use methods, an in-app timer – and it even includes the calorie count and effort involved in making each dish. We love the seasonality and intuitive design of the categories and how they make working out what to do with holiday leftovers or healthy meal planning a breeze.


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