5 Fun Facts about Coffee

5 Fun Facts about Coffee

Including the best time of day to drink it

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1. Coffee is a great fertiliser...

...for acid-loving plants like hydrangeas, camellias and roses. It's rich in nitrogen, potassium and magnesium, which also keep all plants healthy. Mix it in soil before planting carrots or radishes and you'll get bigger and healthier batches at harvest. It's also an effective repellent for garden pests like ants, snails and slugs, making it a green thumb's best bud.

2. Coffee is a natural meat tenderiser.

Add a tablespoon of fresh coffee grounds to your marinade and you’ll get more tender meat with a hint of smokiness.

3. Coffee eliminates odours.

Pop grounds in your fridge to absorb food odours or wear clothing made with coffee grounds to combat body odour. A Taiwanese company called Singtex has developed a way to combine coffee grounds with polyester from recycled plastic bottles to create fabric. It provides the material to big brands like Patagonia, The North Face, Timberland, Adidas and Victoria's Secret. Three cups of coffee grounds and five recycled plastic bottles can make your new favourite T-shirt!

4. Coffee shops were once outlawed by King Charles II.

Back in 1675, the king banned coffee shops under the belief that these were the meeting places of rebels conspiring against him.

5. Coffee in the early morning is counterproductive.

Studies have shown that the optimal time for coffee drinking is actually after 10am, when cortisol, a naturally produced hormone that helps you to feel alert and awake, starts to decrease. If you drink coffee early in the morning, you’ll be signalling your body to produce less cortisol, hindering the natural wake-up process.

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