Welcome to Lickerland

Welcome to Lickerland

A collection of 56 sublime Asian-accented desserts and the greatest hits of Chef Jason Licker

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Lickerland collects Chef Jason Licker’s most cherished recipes from his magical career, seamlessly balancing Asian ingredients with classic French pastry techniques, presented beautifully with images by award-winning photographer Jason Michael Lang. Chef Licker's experience includes stints at some of New York City’s most acclaimed restaurants, working with culinary greats such as Eric Hubert and the legendary Jean-Georges Vongerichten, as well as serving as executive pastry chef at some of Asia’s top restaurants. Inspired by his global travels, he has infused vibrant spices, ingredients and techniques into his desserts in a career that culminated in winning the Iron Chef Thailand competition by a record-setting margin. 

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With 56 original dessert recipes, Lickerland is Chef Licker’s ode to Asian culinary culture and a showcase of balance, creativity, knowledge of ingredients and novel pairings (such as butterscotch with white miso). You will learn the secrets to incredible dishes such as the chocolate fondant–inspired matcha tart, vanilla udon with strawberry consommé, banana and dulce de leche harumaki and cherry yuzu s’mores. Jason utilises sweet, salty, sour, bitter and acidic flavours while combining textural contrasts and temperature differences to create his own style of Asian inspired, palate-challenging pastries that you can duplicate at home to impress all those who adore sweet endings.  

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