Restaurant Review: Brunch at Kaum

Restaurant Review: Brunch at Kaum

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This Sai Ying Pun stunner offers a slap-up Indonesian brunch spread that’s particularly great for groups

Opened around nine months ago by the Indonesian-based hospitality and lifestyle company Potato Head, Kaum continues to pack in the too-cool-for-school punters who are drawn to the restaurant’s chilled yet sophisticated vibe, authentic, delectable Indonesian food and friendly, welcoming service. Already frequent visitors for lunch and dinner, we recently got stuck into Kaum’s newly launched weekend brunch menu (11am–3:30pm).

The Sharing Menu

First things first – it’s a lot of food. There were only two (admittedly very hungry) diners for our brunch session, and the amount of food presented to us could have generously fed at least four greedy folk. So, if there’s only two of you, make sure you’re ravenous or, even better, go in a group – which is more befitting of Kaum’s laid-back, communal vibe. There’s no sense in wasting food this good.

For $395 a head, you'll start off with one serving each of five small plates. Our heart always belongs to Kaum’s gado gado – a stellar version of the Indonesian blanched veggie salad with tempeh, hard-boiled egg and garlic rice crackers, bathed in a rich cashew and peanut dressing – but the fiery Aceh prawn curry and the gohu ikan tuna (a refreshing tart-bitter ceviche-esque dish consisting of tuna chunks marinated in coconut oil, lime, chilli and green apple, with pops of almond-like kenari nuts) were tops as well.

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You can have as many servings as your belly can handle of the larger plates. These included everyone’s Indonesian fave – babi guling (suckling pig roasted in a traditional spice mix) – here cooked to perfection with crispy skin and juicy, tender meat that was bursting with flavour. We’ve never had baby cabbage this good – this time fried with loads of garlic and stinky (but tasty) fermented bean paste. The nasi goreng (Indonesian-style fried rice with prawns) was a bit too heavy-handed with the chilli for our particular preference, and we were missing the fried egg topper that is normally customary with the dish.

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The lapis Surabaya (layered butter cake with pineapple preserves, lemon curd, grilled pineapple and mango sorbet) is the one and only dessert offering for brunch, but it’s a good ‘un. We were nearly bursting at the seams by this point, but we managed to polish off the whole plate. The mango ice cream (more sour than sweet) was our favourite component of this pud.

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A two-hour free-flow beverage package (+$195) can be added, allowing you to mix and match unlimited pours of Veuve Clicquot champagne, Kaum’s Indo Bloody Mary, mimosa, sangria, house red and white wines and soft drinks (including fresh juices).


Kaum is the perfect brunch spot for foodies who are looking for something a bit out of the ordinary. The dishes on the sharing menu are universally delicious and plentiful and especially worthy of groups. The only negative we can find is the long, wooden communal table where we were sat, which takes up the majority of the dining area. We’d have to loved to while away our afternoon there, but the communal seating doesn’t make for the most leisurely of brunch sessions. If possible, book one of the comfy sofas near the DJ – yes, he’s there for brunch too – at the front.

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100 Third Street, Sai Ying Pun, 2858 6066


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