Special Appearance of the Efrain Family at Taste of Hong Kong

Special Appearance of the Efrain Family at Taste of Hong Kong

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Ocean Recovery Alliance's adorable mascots will be making the rounds to promote sustainable seafood. Come say hello!

These adorable and lively mascots will be roaming the grounds of Taste of Hong Kong presented by Standard Chartered 2017 this weekend for photo ops to put a smile on your face while at the same time promoting the upcoming Kin Hong Seafood Festival in September. Kin Hong translates to 'healthy' in English, representing the festival's aim to raise awareness for the health of the oceans and to connect restaurants and consumers towards ways of consuming sustainable seafood. 

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More will come in the coming months about Kin Hong Festival. In the meantime, come meet the Efrains and visit Ocean Recovery Alliance at Taste of Hong Kong. They are going to be at our Foodie Market tent from 7–9pm on Friday, 17 March, as well as 2:30–4:30pm and 6:30–8:30pm on Saturday, 18 March.

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