Pantone's Colour of the Year: Greenery

Pantone's Colour of the Year: Greenery

It makes us hungry

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Yes, through their extensive research on trends around the globe, in every industry, pursuit and geographic location they can lay their hue-hungry eyes on, the colour gurus at Pantone have decided that Greenery is the colour of 2017. And we couldn't agree more.

It's the most foodie colour we've seen in recent years. Last year's Rose Quartz and Serenity duo had a hint of macaron about them, but nothing more than that. 2015's Marsala was a step in the right direction and made us thirsty for a fine wine...

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...but this year's Greenery strikes all the right food notes and is exactly what we've been noticing on menus this year – and we hope to be seeing much more of it.
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Our recent green-filled dishes from Mercato's spring menu were teeming with this shade.

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Mercato's asparagus risotto

Following the success of Veggie Pret in London, Pret A Manger have unleashed their new campaign in Hong Kong called Not Just for Veggies with a dedicated green fridge in their Lee Garden Two location filled with vegetarian and vegan options. The vibrant fridge is chock-full of hearty and flavourful veggie items with the idea that they will appeal to vegetarians and meat eaters alike. We have to say, it works, and we find ourselves drawn to these offerings despite our carnivorous cravings. 

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We also prefer our soft serve to be matcha flavoured and in what we will now call Greenery shaded.

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Sweets House Cha Cha's Uji matcha ice cream. Photo credit: Rose Chiu

And our whole office is going through a pandan cake craze at the mo'.

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 Photo credit: Andrea Nguyen

Plus, Greenery is the colour of nature, sustainability, environmental awareness and, in our minds, forward thinking. Our brand-new Foodie Market site is filled with carefully selected, local, home-grown products and environmentally thoughtful purchases, as well as a beautiful selection of natural, biodynamic and organic wines.

Pantone, you've nailed it.



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