Nostalgic Menu at Tiffin

Nostalgic Menu at Tiffin

Dinner down memory lane at Grand Hyatt's Tiffin this April and May

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Having hit its impressive 27th anniversary, Tiffin at Grand Hyatt will be undertaking a revamp starting in May and lasting through September. To celebrate the end of an era, the restaurant has resurrected many of its past signature dishes to bring back fond memories to its loyal customers.

From now until 5 May 2017, the most popular dishes under the reigns of Tiffin's past three executive chefs will be available at the restaurant's dinner buffet, including the steak and kidney pie from Chef Josef Budde, the baked lobster and cheese soufflé from Chef Marco Avitabile and the homemade ice cream cakes and ice cream station created by Chef Marcus Mathyssek. This nostalgic dinner buffet (6:30–10pm daily) is priced at $728 per person.

Chef Josef Budde, who helmed the kitchen at Tiffin from 1989 to 2002, recalls his early days at the restaurant, 'In 1989, I was honoured to be the opening chef of Tiffin. I am happy to see how it has gradually transformed into what it is today while maintaining its authenticity. I began my career as a young chef in a small inn near Aylesbury. This was when I learned how to make steak and kidney pie. I then decided to bring this skill to Hong Kong diners. At that time, Tiffin had the best presentation among other restaurants or private clubs, serving this pie in a heavy cast-iron casserole. Since then, it has become one of the most popular dishes at Tiffin.'

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Chef Josef Budde

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