A Taste of Yangshuo...by Bike

A Taste of Yangshuo...by Bike

The ultimate foodie adventure in China

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What do you get when you cross silent disco bikes, rice paddy landscapes, limestone mountains and the best of southern Chinese cuisine? The answer is the Yangshuo Bike Festival, taking place this year between 12–14 May 2017 in southern China's Yangshuo, located in Guangxi Province.

Over the weekend-long tour, adventure-seeking foodies will cycle on silent disco bikes (operating through wireless headphones) down the breathtaking Yulong River from Jiuxian village, located approximately 5km outside of Yangshuo town. Passing through Yulong Valley's iconic corralled rice fields, cyclists will be able to enjoy the views of limestone karst landscapes, mixed orchards and other hidden gems before arriving back at Gaotian village. Fret not if you're less fit than you'd like to be: the festival is open to all ages and levels of fitness. 

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It is often said that the best way to experience a culture is through its food. Thankfully, the coveted bike festival places a heavy emphasis on celebrating Yangshuo's regional cuisine, defined by sweet and sour flavours, fresh, local ingredients and generous amounts of chilli.

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The cost of RMB2,800 per person includes two nights accommodation, two days of quality bike hire (including silent disco), luggage transfer, pickup service on Friday night from either Guilin Airport or Gongcheng station, a slow food discovery ride on Sunday morning and other meals.

If you still can't get enough, the pre-festival extension ride (taking place between 9–12 May 2017) offers participants a chance to jump into the adventure early with a hike and bike to Guilin, passing through Yao villages in addition to more winding mountains and limestone karst landscapes.

Snag a spot on the tour by clicking here or emailing bruce@bikeaways.com.

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