Ho Lee Fook Turns Three

Ho Lee Fook Turns Three

Fortune favours the Ho Lee this June – dine and dice your way to special birthday freebies

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Ho lee mo lee, how time flies. SoHo’s trendy, tasty and tongue-in-cheek contemporary Cantonese eatery Ho Lee Fook (literal meaning: 'good fortune for your mouth') turns three this month. That’s three years of creative cuisine with cheeky names (case in point: 'Mum’s mostly cabbage a little bit of pork dumplings') and crowds of satisfied diners. Yep, crowds – three years in and you can still expect a 1.5-hour wait for a table if you don’t have a reservation and/or failed to show up on the dot when the place opens.

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This surely calls for a big party, but these folks aren’t known as Hong Kong’s funkiest Chinese kitchen for nothing. According to them (and our grandmothers), the Chinese word for 'three' (三) sounds similar to the character for 'birth' (生) and is thus considered a lucky number associated with good fortune. Befitting this celebration of fortune (and the restaurant's iconic wall of gleaming golden lucky cats), everyone who dines at Ho Lee Fook from 26–30 June 2017 will be given the chance to test their luck and roll the dice after dinner for some special birthday presents.

If you roll a three – congratulations, you’ll be given another roll to determine your prize:

Roll a 1 to win a round of shots for your table

Roll a 2 to win a Ho Lee Fook T-shirt

Roll a 3 to win $333 in dining vouchers

Roll a 4 to win a set of six Ho Lee Fook glasses

Roll a 5 to win three cocktails at your next dinner

Roll a 6 to win three desserts at your next dinner

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These celebrations are apparently inspired by Ho Lee Fook Chef Jowett Yu’s favourite Taiwanese sausage vendors, who let tipsy post-karaoke customers play dice for sausage – free sausage if you win, but lose your money and your sausage if you don’t.

Hungry games indeed. Good luck getting lucky and may the odds be ever in your favour.

LG/F and G/F, 1 Elgin Street, SoHo, Central, 2810 0860



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