Tasting Trendies Sake Award Winners

Tasting Trendies Sake Award Winners

The first sake competition in Hong Kong, which ranks as the second-largest importer of sake in the world

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Hong Kong is not just a place filled with people who love Japanese food, but it is also the second-largest importer of sake in the world, just behind the US. If the value of each bottle is taken into account, Hong Kong even surpasses the USA!

Back in May, the Tasting Trendies Sake Award (TTSA) presentation, the first of its kind in Hong Kong, was held at ProWine Asia during HOFEX. HOFEX is a biennial international food and hospitality expo held in Hong Kong, the largest of its kind in the whole of Asia, lending great credibility to these awards.

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A total of 60 prizes were given out by two panels of judges. The "Experts” panel consisted of sake experts and certified Kikisake-shi (Masters of Sake) while the “Users” panel consisted of CEOs, high-ranking officials, bloggers and the media. To ensure fairness, the calculation of points was carried out by an accounting firm.

Overall champion: Shuho Yamadanishiki Junmai Daiginjo Genshu from Shuho Sake Brewery (秀鳳 山田錦 純米大吟醸-原酒)

First runner-up: Kinran Daiginjo from OMI Sake Brewery (近江市錦藍大吟醸)

Second runner-up: Shuho Junmai Tamanae Daiginjo Genshu from Shuho Sake Brewery (秀鳳 玉苗 純米大吟醸-原酒)

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                From Shuho Sake Brewery: the overall champion (left) and second runner-up (right)


First runner-up: Kinran Daiginjo from OMI Sake Brewery



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