XTC Rolls Out a Series of Seasonal Flavours

XTC Rolls Out a Series of Seasonal Flavours

Summer calls for more and more gelato

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With the summer heat now in high gear, we all need a scoop (or scoops) of all-natural, artisan and locally made gelato. XTC Gelato lives up to every ounce of our expectations by fulfilling this criteria plus introducing brand-new seasonal flavours. For Summer 2017 (on until the end of October), this beloved gelato enthusiast has rolled out a list of delicately designed flavours.

The coconut water and lime sorbetto is a refreshing pick, with the lime zest highlighting the natural sweetness of the coconut water. Another cooling choice is Herb Garden, a lovely shade of green, with a strong rosemary and basil aroma – perhaps an acquired taste, but if you're a herb lover, you will likely dig this one.

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Knowing that it’s always a berry good idea to have berry gelato on the menu, XTC offers blueberry, strawberry yoghurt and blackcurrant sorbetto this glorious summertime. Strawberry frozen yoghurt, made with all-natural Australian yoghurt, is an unfailing ice cream variation.

Lovely nutty gelato flavours are often crowd-pleasers, especially when the nuts are toasted and ground by hand as at XTC. This brings us to welcome the white sesame soy milk gelato, made with toasted sesame seeds to underscore its essence. The Italian hazelnut gelato gives off a fine and dandy crunch that would appeal to fans of crunchy nut spreads.


Our favourites by far are the lychee coconut gelato and coffee coconut sugar gelato. With the first flavour, the dreamy coconut tang is lightened by the sweetness of lychee. In the second, XTC has followed customers' feedback and used coconut sugar to create a stunning espresso gelato – a healthier twist on white caster sugar.

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Invest your calories in something worthy: locally crafted gelato made with natural ingredients, without colouring or additives. XTC Gelato will surely top our list of go-to spots for treating ourselves this summer. 


  • single scoop ($39)
  • double scoop ($49)
  • triple scoop ($59)

45 Cochrane Street, Central, 2541 0500

Basement 2, Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, 2870 3029

Shop KP-01, Star Ferry Terminal, TST, 2368 3602



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