Get Ready – Shake Shack's Coming to Town

Get Ready – Shake Shack's Coming to Town

Beloved NYC burger bar Shake Shack to set up shop in Hong Kong next year

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Hot on the heels of the opening of The Cheesecake Factory in Harbour City a few months back, Maxim’s Caterers Limited have partnered with Shake Shack to bring another slice of Americana to the 852, with the first HK outpost slated for opening in 2018. And that’s not all – we’ve been told that Shake Shack and Maxim’s plan to open 14 outlets in Hong Kong and Macau by 2027. It’s only July, and with this news, we feel like all our Christmases have already come at once.

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Serving up their famous all-natural beef burgers, Vienna beef flat-top hot dogs, crinkle-cut fries and frozen custard, Shake Shack began its life as a humble hot dog cart in New York’s Madison Square Park back in 2001. The first dedicated “shack” opened in the same park in 2004, and the burger bar now boasts dozens of locations around the US and throughout the world, from Bahrain to the UK.

Though the first-ever Shake Shack HK location has not been divulged yet, you can bet your burger that there’ll be a several-hour-long queue for weeks (maybe months) when its doors first open. And we’ll be there lining up for a ShackBurger and frozen custard shake along with all of you.



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