New Restaurant: Fete Up

New Restaurant: Fete Up

Guiltless indulgence: health food with wholesome Asian flavours in Sheung Wan

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Good news – your rich and flavourful guilty pleasures can be healthy, especially when made in the kitchen of new health food takeaway shop Fete Up.

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This new kid on the block in Sheung Wan noticed the lack of Asian flavours in Hong Kong’s health food scene and wanted to fill the gap with nourishing yet packed-with-flavour iconic Asian dishes. Culinary mastermind Chef William Tew serves up hearty dishes such as Indian curry, roasted Sichuan cauliflower and beef goulash without compromising on taste and nutritional value.

So how does Fete Up work?

For starters, you can choose from a range of boxes with pre-arranged ingredients from their Fete Selections ($78/box)

To satisfy your Asian palate, here are some options. Feeling light and clean? Go Japanese with Fete Ocean, a lunchbox accompanied by teriyaki saba (mackerel), brown rice and organic kaniwa and mixed mushrooms in red miso topped with furikake. For those who are need in of a spicy kick, try Thai Elephant, which features Thai minced basil pork, organic coconut rice and roasted Sichuan cauliflower, or Song Of India, with hearty Kashmiri curry chicken, organic coconut rice and roasted Sichuan cauliflower.

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Song of India

This unpredictable weather also calls for a chunky and hearty Hungarian beef goulash, which can be found in the Hungarian Highland, also starring organic coconut rice and roasted pumpkin and kale. 

Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can customise your very own Fete Box for $78, to include:

  • 1 carbohydrate
  • 1 protein
  • 1 garnish
  • 1 hot veggie
  • 2 cold veggies

Choose from a wide variety of healthy, delicious ingredients. For carbs, options include fragrant organic coconut rice with mustard seeds and a brown rice and organic kaniwa mix. Refresh your taste buds with cold veggie options like picked daikon, wafu (soy-sauce-based) cherry tomato salad, Asian coleslaw, vegan Greek salad, Korean spicy soy bean sprouts and okra with goma (sesame) sauce. Or munch on hot veggies such as roasted Sichuan cauliflower, roasted pumpkin and kale and mixed mushrooms in red miso. Not forgetting some wholesome protein choices like Hungarian beef goulash, Thai minced pork with basil and smoked duck breast with black tea pepper sauce. Complete your meal with classic garnishes like crispy shallots or furikake and, if you’re feeling fancy, add on a 65-degree poached egg for $5

Fete Up’s recently launched avocado milk ($40) makes a great sidekick to the lunchboxes, with a creamy consistency and toasted coconut-ish sweetness.

LG/F, 182 Wellington Street, Sheung Wan, 9772 4531



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