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For the real deal when it comes to enjoying authentic food from around the world, home-cooked food beats restaurants, hands down. So that’s why we’re so excited about TravoAsia, which aims to find perfect matches between home cooks and people who love to eat – a bit like Tinder for foodies.

If you love cooking and sharing your culinary creations, you can sign up to be a TravoAsia vendor. Or if you want to be on the receiving end of all that hard work in the kitchen, you can browse the menus and book a seat for a reserved table (private dining) or a shared table. Just about every cuisine and speciality is up for sampling, from a local Hong Kong seafood feast, to an Indian breakfast, to Vietnamese vegan dining, to English-style afternoon tea. Prices start at a mere $280/person. TravoAsia Personal Chef is also available for those who want to tailor-make their very own menu with their chosen chef.

If all the TravoAsia menus seem equally tempting, we’ve narrowed it down to our three faves:

Traditional Nonya Menu by Chef Marie in Sai Kung

Five courses of authentic Nonya dishes by a Singaporean chef who is justly famous for her laksa and curries. We’re particularly excited to try the ikan masak assam pedas (fish in spicy tamarind gravy). From $380/person.

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Indian Feast by Chefs Santhosh in Kennedy Town

For $445/person, you can dig into eight courses prepared by this Indian husband-and-wife team, beginning with a welcome drink of mango lassi and ending with a cup of aromatic Indian masala tea – with the likes of chicken tikka, lamb rogan josh, aloo palak and naan in between.

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Grand Seafood Hong Kong Style by Chef Stephen in Kowloon

Self-taught Chef Stephen is inspired by flavours and ingredients from around the world, but his first love is fresh, seasonal seafood from Hong Kong. This menu, priced from just $350/person, includes such mouth-watering dishes as steamed prawns with garlic and curry king crab. A complimentary bottle of red/white wine is also included.

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To search and book unique at-home dining opportunities, you can also download the TravoAsia app here.


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