Enjoy a Cuppa with Cuppaz

Enjoy a Cuppa with Cuppaz

Environmentally friendly coffee, tea and chocolate capsules

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There are many reasons to love coffee capsules – ease of use, convenience and taste, which is often miles better than that of many coffee lovers’ at-home java fix, instant coffee. The reality, however, is that even though coffee consumption is growing in Hong Kong, not everybody likes coffee and would love it if their capsule machine could also produce a hot chocolate or a speciality tea, whether at home or in the workplace. And even if you are a coffee lover, you may want to restrict your coffee intake to the morning only and switch to something else in the afternoon and evening.

Local capsule company Cuppaz understands this and has decided to bring a multi-beverage solution to the market that enables people to use a capsule machine to prepare different drinks at different times of the day. When making a choice with Cuppaz, the consumer not only has a choice between various types of coffee to get them started in the morning but can also switch to a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate in the afternoon or evening. You don’t like your coffee black but don’t have time to warm up your milk in the traditional way? Don’t worry, because Cuppaz has also made this possible in a convenient way by introducing a milk capsule.

We checked in with Cuppaz founder Sandra Corbeau to find out more.

How advanced is the capsule technology now?

Cuppaz capsule machines can perform not only with high pressure for espressos but also with low pressure to produce gourmet-quality teas from a capsule. To further enhance the aroma of the coffee, Cuppaz machines perform a “pre-infusion” step where water is injected into the capsule and the machine waits a few seconds to allow the aromas to be released before applying high pressure.  

The size of Cuppaz capsules is larger than some of the others. This flexibility enables the use of the right quantity for the drink (i.e., 3 grams for tea, 8 grams for coffee and 15 grams for hot chocolate). More coffee means more aroma, and a larger capsule enables us to create drinks such as hot chocolate, mocha and cappuccino. The capsules have also become “smarter”, with Cuppaz coffee capsules including two filters to optimise the water distribution inside the capsule, making sure all the coffee is used to create the best possible flavour.

How has Cuppaz addressed the environmental impact of capsules?

Cuppaz tries to be environmentally conscious. Our capsules are made with 100% recyclable plastic. Next month we’ll be introducing a simple tool for home use that allows consumers to open the capsule and separate the used coffee into compost. The remaining capsule can be 100% recycled with other plastic waste.

Our Brazilian coffee beans are grown on farms managed in a sustainable way. This is evidenced by the Rainforest Alliance certification on the coffee. Our machines use 80% less energy than bean machines. Also for every cup of coffee you make in a Cuppaz capsule machine using your own mug, it means you are not using a paper cup and a plastic lid from your local café.  

What’s the next step in the capsule industry?

The next step might be to guarantee the current quality and taste of the beverage but using a biodegradable or reusable capsule to leave less of a plastic footprint on the environment. Another development could be to allow every consumer to personalise his/her own coffee/tea/chocolate blend to produce a bespoke capsule.

Fancy a cuppa? Cuppaz’s machines, capsules and glass coffee cups can be purchased on our Foodie eMarket by clicking here.



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