Food Tech: From Food Vaping to Alibaba Online

Food Tech: From Food Vaping to Alibaba Online

The latest and greatest ideas being cooked up in the tech kitchens

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Food vaping

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Shall we start with something vaguely ridiculous? Cue the Slissie, a liquid food-essence atomiser that touts itself as an anti-snacking aid. This battery-operated device releases “appetite-suppressing flavours” to keep you from chowing down when hunger strikes. With misting options like fruit and mint, we’re sure we’ll all be doing it soon. Or we really won’t.

Veggie milk

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Forget almond, rice and soy – the milky way of the future is paved with peas. Yellow peas to be exact, and this protein-packed little vegetable is solving problems in the dairy space where other milk alternatives have failed. The new product line called Ripple is said to have a smooth, clean flavour made using yellow peas that are cheap to grow and have a low environmental impact. Currently they have only launched in North America, but Ripple has plans for international expansion. Pass the cookies; we’re ready for a dunk.

Thinking cap

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You may already be in possession of one of those nifty Coravin contraptions that allow wine drinking without uncorking the bottle, but you didn’t think they were going to alienate the screw-cap wine crowd, did you? The Coravin Screw Cap has now been launched in Asia and works by using argon gas (as used by winemakers during bottling) to pressurise the bottle with a silicone membrane in order to reseal it. It is designed to protect the bottle, so you can indulge in a glass without having to commit to its entirety, leaving you free to sample from several if you choose.

Coravin Screw Caps come in two sizes, in packs of six for $245, and can be purchased at Watson’s Wine and Enoteca.

Kelping out

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We know superfoods are important to incorporate into our diets, but superfoods that are also good for the environment are what really put oil in our engines. Created by a team of chefs and ocean farmers, Beyond the Shoreline are soon to launch their range of kelp jerky that aims to be “just as healthy for humans as it is for our planet”. Made from kelp and mushrooms, this super-snack is high in protein and low in sugar and fat and is vegan and both soy and gluten free (great for our bodies). The kelp grows quickly and sustainably as the farming requires no fresh water, no land and no fertiliser for growth (great for our planet). We hope it tastes as good as Richard Branson says it does.

Alibaba takes food online

Image titleE-commerce behemoth Alibaba has been quietly opening supermarkets all over China, intergrated with online and offline shops. Their “new retail” concept requires customers to download the dedicated app and then links to their Alipay platform for a cashless checkout. Products in-store are enabled with barcodes, which when scanned by phone, give details on the origin and production. All purchases are recorded to log customer data and determine preferences in order to offer product suggestions.

Customers can also access Hema stores online through the app to order groceries delivered to their homes within 30 minutes. An interesting twist allows shoppers to have groceries like fresh seafood cooked up by the in-house Hema chefs, which they can then eat at the in-store dining areas or have delivered ready to eat to their homes. There are 20 shops open so far, with Shenzhen and Hangzhou being the most recent additions.  



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