Maximal Concepts’ Influencer Series

Maximal Concepts’ Influencer Series

Foodie joins in for the second edition on responsible sourcing

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Foodie  Foodie Your Guide to Good Taste  on 12 Jan '18

The Influencer Series is a new sequence of discussions orchestrated by restaurant group Maximal Concepts to gather together industry professionals who are making an impact in the hospitality industry. 

The first instalment featured Craig Leeson, the acclaimed director of documentary A Plastic Ocean, and Bobsy Gaia, renowned zero waste pioneer and founder of MANA! Fast Slow Food.

This time, the focus steers towards good agriculture and responsible sourcing within the F&B industry, fostering sustainability and educating the community. Panellists include Chef Nate Green of Rhoda, whose approach to nose-to-tail dining, refusing to waste any part of any animal and using only “happy” animals, have earned him a hugely loyal fan base, Bennet Lee from Heritage Foods, working with revolutionary family farmers and agrarian visionaries whose relationships with nature are having a regenerative impact on the world in terms of biodiversity, land restoration and even climate change, and Dean Aslin from Northeast Wines & Spirits Ltd, who highlights specific practices within spirit and wine production like recycling waste and sustainability considerations. The panel will be led by our own Foodie Editor-in-Chief and proud sustainability advocate, Alicia Walker. 

The discussion will be hosted on Tuesday, 23 January 2018 from 8:30pm until late at Stockton.

This inspiring and informative evening continues the conversation as we seek to understand sustainable practices in our industry and learn about what we can do to further educate within the community.

Reserve your seat at Stockton now and join the movement!

Stockton, 32 Wyndham Street, Central, 2565 5268



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