Lunar New Year Regalement

Lunar New Year Regalement

Sumptuous feasts await this Chinese New Year at Sky Dining 101

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Start off the Year of the Dog with a view from the very top of the ICC. Ring in your Chinese New Year with a feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

Check out these special menus:

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The Sky Boss

Designed by world-renowned PAL Design Group, The Sky Boss displays a panoramic view of the Hong Kong skyline with a modern twist on Chinese elegance throughout the luxurious decor. This meshing of new and old is woven right through to the cuisine, which treads a fine line between keeping the traditions of Chinese cuisine while constantly innovating. They use only the finest and freshest ingredients in each of their exquisitely crafted dishes, including choice Hokkaido scallops and sea cucumbers and Yoshihama abalone and black truffles that are specially air-flown in to ensure optimal freshness.

With three exquisite set menus to choose from, diners can prepare themselves for the delights that await in Menu A

  • The Boss appetisers combination,
  • double-boiled almond soup with fish maw and pig’s lung,
  • braised dried oyster and pig’s tongue with sea moss,
  • sautéed prawns with salty egg yolk,
  • braised grouper with homemade sauce,
  • deep-fried chicken,
  • fried rice,
  • petit fours and sweet soup of the day

($3,988 for 6; $6,888 for 12).

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Braised grouper with homemade sauce (Menu A)

Or choose the tantalising flavours of Menu B:

  • deep-fried conpoy and crabmeat with salty egg yolk on crispy rice,
  • double-boiled sea cucumber with Chinese ham,
  • baked prawns Singapore style,
  • braised dried oyster and pig’s tongue with sea moss,
  • braised fish maw with black mushroom,
  • steamed grouper with minced ginger,
  • seasonal vegetables with bean curd sheet in homemade fish soup,
  • crispy chicken,
  • fried rice,
  • petit fours and chilled pomelo and mango soup

($4,988 for 6; $8,888 for 12)Image title

Braised 36-head dried superior abalone with goose web (Menu C)

For an even more opulent spread, select Menu C:

  • mantis shrimp and vegetable salad,
  • pan-fried prawns with soy sauce,
  • braised dried oyster and pig’s tongue with sea moss,
  • braised 36-head dried superior abalone with goose web,
  • steamed spotted grouper with soy sauce,
  • seasonal vegetables with congee,
  • braised chicken with Chinese yellow wine in casserole,
  • fried rice with black truffle,
  • petit fours and braised almond cream

($7,688 for 6; $15,688 for 12)

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Mantis shrimp and vegetable salad (Menu C)

Shop B2, 101/F, International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, 3955 1755,


Dragon Seal 

The kitchen of this fine dining Cantonese restaurant is overseen by Chef Wong Wing-chee, who elevates Cantonese cuisine by sourcing fresh ingredients directly from their origin and uses innovative culinary techniques to produce top-class dishes in an unparalleled setting. For Chinese New Year, Dragon Seal has pulled out all the stops with four different menus on offer. There is something for every price point, from premium to more affordable options, and each menu features delicious modern Cantonese dishes along with outstanding views of the harbour. 

The first menu showcases dishes such as

  • steamed shrimp dumplings with edible gold leaf,
  • puff pastry with shredded turnip,
  • pan-fried South African abalone with sweet pepper sauce,
  • grilled fillet of Kurobuta pork with mushroom,
  • roasted baby pigeon and
  • stewed Inaniwa udon with fish maw

($688 per person).

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Pan-fried South African abalone with sweet pepper sauce

The second menu features 

  • steamed dumplings with shrimp and purple leaf,
  • deep-fried scallop,
  • double-boiled Dragon Seal soup,
  • poached spotted grouper belly with tomato,
  • poached Inaniwa udon with minced vegetables and
  • almond cream with egg white

($498 per person)

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Poached spotted grouper belly with tomato

There is a third option boasting

  • steamed vegetable dumplings with black truffle,
  • deep-fried taro cubes,
  • steamed rice rolls with turnip and pork floss,
  • wild yam with raspberry sauce,
  • winter melon balls with strawberry sauce,
  • grilled fillet of Kurobuta pork with mushroom and 
  • pan-fried cod with crab cream

($298 per person).

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Pan-fried prawn balls with soy sauce

The fourth menu includes such delights as

  • crabmeat dumplings,
  • steamed rice rolls with barbecued pork, 
  • pan-fried prawn balls with soy sauce,
  • sautéed vegetables with minced pork and 
  • stewed rice vermicelli with dried scallop and mushroom

($298 per person).

Shop C, 101/F, International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, 2568 9886,



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