Food for Thought: Most Shop-bought Bacon Bits are Vegan

Food for Thought: Most Shop-bought Bacon Bits are Vegan

Yes, vegan – that’s what we said

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Bacon bits are a bit of a nostalgic childhood memory that we hadn’t revisited for awhile, until we stumbled across a jar on a HK supermarket shelf and couldn’t help but hone in on the packaging. You might already have decoded these labels and be one of those savvy, modern stuffed-baked-potato eaters who know exactly what they’re consuming, but if you’re just starting to shop more consciously, and grew up sprinkling little red pops of bacon flavour on top of your sour-cream-laden tater, you may never have looked deeper at the label or why they are called Bac’n Pieces, with a removed ”o“, or Bac-Os, with a capitalised one. Or you may have had a parent who made real bacon bits and shredded them up rather than purchased the processed variety.

Either way, do not take it for granted that just because it has a bacon-esque pronunciation that it contains bacon, or any pork products whatsoever, because it most likely does not. The shop-bought varieties are pure soy. That’s right, Bac’n Pieces and Bac-Os Bits are made from textured soy flour and coloured with Red 40.Image title

Image title

This one makes it all a bit more obvious:Image title

Photo credit: Douglas Muth

So now you know you can get that sorta-bacon-like flavour and unnatural crimson hue without damaging your meat-free Monday or vegetarian status whatsoever...



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