Foodie Magazine January/February 2018 Issue Out Now: Ethical Meats

Foodie Magazine January/February 2018 Issue Out Now: Ethical Meats

How to be a modern carnivore

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We’ve spent the last year heavily exploring the myriad issues surrounding our current world of food, with regular topics ranging from responsible sourcing and sustainability, to looking at problems with packaging and waste, to using food technology to combat some of these issues. We often write about and champion the small companies and start-ups innovating and driving change, so this month we’ve decided to take a look at what a few of the global leaders in the food industry are doing to combat some of the problems that they themselves have helped to cause. We also have our zero waste warrior Hannah chiming in with her column on how to do better, as well as our new Ethical Meats columnist Chef Nate Green, who helps to enlighten us on how to be a responsible meat eater. Check out our home-cooking recipes this month courtesy of the phenomenal Laura Williams and finish up with our Meatless Monthly recipe from Cindy Lam, a spectacular vegan chocolate pudding that’s the perfect way to begin a new year of cooking.

We hope this issue helps to fuel both the mind and the taste buds for the year ahead!


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