Meet the Chefs of Taste of Hong Kong 2018

Meet the Chefs of Taste of Hong Kong 2018

A line-up you can look forward to at this year’s Taste festival

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We’re all set to dig in when Taste of Hong Kong presented by Standard Chartered hits the 852 later this month (22–25 March 2015), with a dizzying line-up of local and international chefs bringing their gastronomic goodies for sampling along Central Harbourfront. We spoke to five of the top chefs headlining the festival this year to learn more.

Three-Michelin-starred chef Alvin Leung of Bo Innovation had a very candid response as to why he decided to do Taste this year, saying, ”Because they asked me! I think it’s great for people in Hong Kong to get a quick idea of what’s available. I’ve done Taste of Toronto, and it’s a fun event that allows us to mingle with a much larger amount of the public. We get to talk with and see a wider scope of people and they get to taste a lot of different cuisines. Our restaurant is small and we’ll see the same volume we see in a month in one day. We hope they feel it’s worthwhile to come and visit Bo afterwards. It’s fine dining, but it’s casual and the prices will be more reasonable. And it’s a fun atmosphere with the other chefs; we like to compete with each other. Cooking in a new environment, the weather – I enjoy that kind of challenge. And always expect the unexpected from the Demon Chef!”

Guillaume Galliot of two-Michelin-starred French restaurant Caprice says, ”I have long been familiar with the Taste concept as it has existed elsewhere in the world. While working in Macau, I have watched the growth of Taste of Hong Kong. It is wonderful to see the high calibre of chefs the event has attracted and the enthusiasm of Hong Kongers for trying out new cuisines. This is a fantastic opportunity for many types of people, from hard-core foodies, industry friends and aspiring chefs to those who are just curious to taste my cuisine who have never tried it before. It is a terrific opportunity to interact with all walks of life in Hong Kong. First and foremost, I hope that everyone who tastes our dishes comes away thinking they are delicious. I hope they enjoy the play of flavours and textures in my dishes and that it inspires them to come to Caprice for a complete dining experience.”

Frantzén’s Kitchen head chef Jim Löfdahl hopes that Taste will help to elevate the restaurant’s visibility with the wider public. He explains, ”I think there are many people in Hong Kong who don’t know that we even exist, so therefore I see Taste as a great forum for us to be at and showcase some of our food. To cook in an outdoor environment shouldn’t be the biggest issue, rather it’s the quantity that I’m worried about. We normally cook for 45 custumers per day; now we will be facing much more. Therefore, we took the decision to be at Taste for only two days, not four.”

It’s fitting that in the Year of the Dog, Taste will feature gourmet hot dogs from London’s Bubbledogs, headed by Sandia Chang. The woman behind the famed frankfurters tells us what made her come to our shores for this four-day food fest, ”After year-on-year success at Taste of London’s summer and festive editions, we knew this would be a great opportunity to expand our horizons, learn from chefs out in Hong Kong and share with people what we do in London. We love to make new friends and look forward to meeting our industry colleagues in Hong Kong and seeing what our Hong Kong guests enjoy eating from our menu and learning their taste palates. The last time I was in Hong Kong was 1994!

Having participated in Taste of London, we know what to expect and how to service high volumes quickly. Our booth will be a close replica of our restaurant interior, along with plenty of champagne corks so that the Taste of Hong Kong guests know what we do! We will be showcasing our creative hot dogs that we have on our menu in London, as well as a hot dog designed especially for Taste of Hong Kong.”

Christopher Thé of Syndey’s Black Star Pastry became famous around the globe for one distinctive item – the bakery-café’s strawberry watermelon cake – which will be making its way to Hong Kong for Taste. Black Star founder Christopher tells us why he’s bringing his renowned cake here, ”Last year we visited a number of new places in Hong Kong and were met with a lot of love and excitement for our products. When we heard about Taste of Hong Kong, we just had to join in. People come from all over the world to try our desserts in Sydney, so we are trying to bring them to the world. We can’t wait to meet all our Hong Kong fans, share our desserts and get feedback. We will be serving our Insta-famous strawberry watermelon cake – the true original.”

To find out more about Taste of Hong Kong presented by Standard Chartered 2018 and to book tickets, visit the Taste website.

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