Food’s Future at Taste of Hong Kong 2018

Food’s Future at Taste of Hong Kong 2018

Explore the future of food with us at Taste of Hong Kong

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As much as we are excited to stuff ourselves silly with food at Taste of Hong Kong presented by Standard Chartered 2018, we’re also super psyched to bring you a sneak peek into our food’s future at this huge food extravaganza.

Food’s future? What does that even mean?

Here at Foodie, we pride ourselves on living and breathing All. Things. Food. And that’s not just limited to planning tomorrow’s breakfast/#saturyay brunch/birthday blowout, but it also means thinking about what we’ll be eating in the next 10 or 50 years (if there’s even any food left then!). We know y’all are as food loving and future curious as we are, so we hosted Asia’s first-ever Food’s Future Summit last August – where we brought together industry leaders, innovators, change-makers and conscious consumers to talk about and taste-test key food trends, threats and trajectories.

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Grow-your-own-mushroom vendor at our Food’s Future Summit market showcase

We promise that 2018’s Food’s Future Summit will be even bigger and better, but you’ll need to wait a few more months before it rolls around (you know what they say about good food taking time). Don’t worry, though, we’ve got a little taster to whet your appetite before the real thing: the Food’s Future by Foodie pavilion at Taste of Hong Kong 2018!

What can I look forward to at the Food’s Future pavilion?

From cool innovations to a special art installation, we want to make it as fun as possible for YOU to experience food’s future with us!

1) Food’s Future by Foodie pitch competition

Last month, we did a shout-out for food innovators to participate in our pitch competition. Whether it was a new idea, prototype or recently launched product/service, we wanted to know. From there, we shortlisted seven special entries to showcase at our pavilion, so do come and check out some of these potential game changers in the F&B scene!

Support your favourite food innovation idea by liking their post on Foodie’s Instagram page (@afoodieworld). Your vote counts towards their chances of winning the People’s Choice award in our pitch competition.*Voting and posts will be up by 16 March 2018 on Foodie’s Instagram page*

Here are the candidates – drum roll, please:

  • Blue Dot Thinking

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Did you know that, in Hong Kong, 42kg of food waste is sent to landfills every second? And almost one-third of this comes from the commercial sector. Because restaurants operate on tight timelines, managers often end up over-preparing to avoid running out of dishes. This adversely impacts profits and generates unnecessary waste.

The guys at Blue Dot Thinking want to help restaurants to prepare accurate quantities so that customer needs are satisfied while also minimising food waste, saving moolah at the same time. To do this, they send daily recommendations to front-line restaurant staff, informing them of the quantity of each item to prepare, using a robust machine-learning algorithm that automatically learns from sales data, accounting for seasonality, weather and local events.

  • Bugsolutely

Image titleCan we eat bugs without them tasting like bugs? Bugsolutely! The team at Bugsolutely have created a superfood and revolutionary product – cricket pasta – the only pasta containing 20% cricket flour in the world. This unique food is part of the fast-growing edible insects market and features great nutritional values, including high levels of protein, calcium, iron, vitamin B12 and omega fatty acids – the result of extensive research and development. Thanks to the cricket flour, the pasta has a distinctive colour and texture that is often compared to wholewheat pasta and roasted almonds. The cricket flour is made using crickets raised for human consumption in controlled farms and processed under the HACCP food standards agency.

  • City Hydroponics

Image titleCity Hydroponics wants more people to start growing some of their food at home – ’cause it’s easy and fun! They are a hydroponic home-grower company that promotes urban farming and microgreen growing at home, as they provide safe and delicious vegetable options. Sure sounds like a good family bonding activity to us!

  • Little Sweetness
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One out of 10 Hong Kong people is diabetic, and the patients are getting younger, but this disease can be controlled or even prevented by adopting a low-GI diet.

A winning student project from the School of Hotel & Tourism Management at Hong Kong PolyU, the team behind Little Sweetness understands the challenges of finding GI-related information online, with restaurants often deliberately not providing low-GI options. Little Sweetness tries to gather related information for people who genuinely need it and promotes sustainable demand for low-GI food through restaurant partnerships.

  • Magic Season Organics

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A family-run business, Magic Season Organics specialises in growing their own organic vegetables and delivering the fresh produce based on a zero-waste system. Not only is it convenient, but their service promotes healthy living for individuals and the environment amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

In the works is a low waste and recycle friendly delivery service - read more about it here

  • Morris Cookies
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Organic = safe? The answer is no!

Morris Cookies is one of the world’s leading purveyors of chemical-free cookies, providing revolutionary innovation in the baking industry. Their healthy treats are designed to delight the senses without the addition of any toxic or chemical additives. Known for their artisan, chemical-free baked goods that are loved for both their taste and quality, Morris Cookies was founded on the principle that delicious food should not be polluted with unnecessary ingredients that are potentially harmful to the body.

  • Yomee Yoghurt

Image titleLecker Labs, a Food-X-backed start-up, has developed patent-pending technology and consumables to disrupt the US$100 billion yoghurt market. Their first product, Yomee, is like Nespresso for making yoghurt – before bedtime, users pour in the milk of their choice (diary or vegan), insert a Yomee pod and go to sleep. They wake up to fresh, chilled yoghurt ready for breakfast or to snack on later that day.

Yomee’s patent-pending, eco-friendly culture pods fully dissolve in the milk and leave behind no plastic or other waste, unlike other pod-based products. And Yomee works with both dairy- and plant-based milks like soy, almond and coconut!

2) Art installation: The Flavours of Climate Change

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Photo credit: The Independent

“The Flavours of Climate Change”, an interactive art installation built and conceptualised by Foodie’s very own creative team, will imagine a supermarket in our not-so-distant future. Find out what might happen to some of our favourite food products and learn about Foodie’s forecast for our food’s future.

3) Stand a chance to win a hamper of goodies

We never have a big Foodie event without freebies – vote in our Foodie Forks 2018 competition at our booth and stand a chance to win a hamper of goodies from our e-commerce platform!

4) Win free tickets to Taste of Hong Kong 2018

Also, if you haven’t heard, we’re giving away free tickets to the festival. Find out how you can win them here.

See you at Taste of Hong Kong 2018!



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