Did You Know...? The Foodie Trivia Edition. Some food-related trivia to share at parties

Did You Know...? The Foodie Trivia Edition

Some food-related trivia to share at parties

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Occasionally you read something that makes you go.... hmmmmmm. We’ve taken a few of those things and randomly placed them into this article to help to get you to the weekend. Enjoy!

Pineapple Buns contain no pineapple

The pineapple bun 菠蘿包 contains no pineapple. This popular Cantonese sweet treat was so named because its golden brown, sugary top resembles the outermost layer of a pineapple.

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A lotus seed mooncake has more calories than 5 fried chicken drumsticks

You’re never gonna believe how many calories are in a mooncake! Should we have posted this last week?

Laksa Ice Cream

A step up from the chilli-accented ice cream that we see on menus around the 852, you can eat laksa ice cream in Darwin, Australia, where they hold the annual International Laksa Festival. Surely one of the greatest-ever crossovers (D24 Durian pizza aside).

By User:MochaSwirl - Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=17659832

Reading tea leaves is called tasseography and originated in Eastern Europe. It has nothing to do with China.

Oreos by SHAYAN IZADI on Unsplash

Most flavours of Oreo are vegan! The cookie brand does not promote itself as such though, because the factories cannot guarantee that there’s been no cross-contamination with dairy products from other lines. However, limited-edition and dipped Oreos that contain fudge do list milk as an ingredient.

A red beetle by Parsoa Khorsand on Unsplash

Red food colouring is made from crushed beetles. Whilst synthetic alternatives are available, rehydrated beetle powder is still widely used. Look for carmine, carminic acid or cochineal extract in the ingredient list for a bit of beetle protein.

Beyond Burger uses beetroot to simulate a red, bleeding burger, and paprika, carotene, red cabbage and turmeric are some other natural red-colouring options.

Red-hued Bac’n Pieces are vegetarian; they use textured soy flour in order to get your bits to crunch. Also listed in the ingredient list is FD&C Red 40, the synthetic version of beetle powder derived from petroleum that is not without its own controversy and health risks.

Meat Free Monday by the McCartneys

The Meat Free Monday campaign was launched by Paul McCartney and his daughters in 2009. As Macca said, “A lot of people go to the gym on a Monday after a big weekend. With Meat Free Monday, it’s a bit like going to the gym, but with the added advantage of protecting the planet.”

Honey, salt, sugar and raw white rice do not go bad. Just keep them away from moisture and heat sources, and they’ll last longer than you.

Have you ever wondered why the cup included with your rice cooker is a weird 180ml (or ¾ metric cup)? It’s the Japanese unit (which, in turn, is based on the Chinese ge, although it’s not the same amount) and is the traditional amount used for a serving of rice or a cup of sake. This is the same as the Korean hob – although commercial use of the hob has been criminalised in South Korea. Sheesh!

Sweetbread is neither sweet nor a bread product. This culinary delicacy is the thymus or pancreas of a calf or lamb. Food historians think these glands got their name owing to their soft texture and subtle sweetness.

Lobsters by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

Lobsters pee out of their faces. They have urine-release nozzles right under their eyes and urinate in each other’s faces as a way of communicating, when either fighting or mating.

On Twitter, KFC follows the five Spice Girls and six guys called Herb (11 Herbs and Spices). This was publicly noted by a Twitter user in 2017, and when his tweet went viral, KFC commissioned a truly special painting of him (tagged #GiddyUpColonel).

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