Taking the C out of KFC

Taking the C out of KFC

The famous chicken brand is entering the meat-free era

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Foodie  Foodie Your Guide to Good Taste  on 8 Jul '20

If you love those 11 secret herbs and spices that KFC is famous for more than the actual chicken that rules its moniker, you’re in luck. KFC’s latest menu offers up meatless nuggets and a “new era” burger, inexplicably looking like they’re served in a hat.

The largest fried chicken restaurant chain in the world is taking the chicken right out of its new menu items and replacing it with 12 grams of non-GMO, plant-based soy, wheat and pea proteins.

KFC Hong Kong

Although we find the above image wholly confusing and had to do a double take as to whether KFC is serving its new meat-free delights in a hat (they’re not, but you can get the hat with some kind of redemption offer), we are certainly enjoying KFC’s greener plans.

With over 60 branches of KFC throughout Hong Kong, being able to choose a vegetarian option that has the same famous seasoning as the iconic poultry-filled original gives us all another easy, delicious pick towards being more sustainable in our everyday choices.

Now, if we could just get them to do away with the plastic gloves...

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