Keeping up with Your Healthy Habits

Keeping up with Your Healthy Habits

With many distractions such as your work, home, and personal life, it can be quite daunting to even consider squeezing in a few minutes or hours of exercise per day, let alone sampling different diets

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Staying fit has been made much easier with the help of various technological advancements available to the consumer nowadays. In the American Journal of Public Health, it appeares that the increase in the number of health conscious individuals is linked to the continuous adoption of technologies that are able to offer a convenient way to track their health. But, technologies alone cannot help you improve your wellbeing. In this post, we want to help you get started in keeping your health in-check.

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Choose healthy restaurants

With the increase in the number of health conscious people, not only in America but across the world, many restaurant owners have expanded their choices of meals to cater for those who prefer vegan and healthy alternatives to their daily meals. There is an abundance of restaurants in America that offer healthy food selections. Here are some of those:

1. Au Bon Pain – Recognized by Live Science as the healthiest restaurant chain in the US.
2. Cosi
3. Bruegger’s Bagels
4. Shima
5. Cabana
6. Jason’s Deli
7. Noodles and Company
8. Chipotle Mexican Grill

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If you are in Los Angeles, then this list of tasty and healthy restaurants in the area by National Geographic will be a great guide for you.

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Track your food intake

In today’s tech driven world, even tracking your health and food intake in real-time can be done via a single mobile device. Apart from popular wearables, smartphones are now built with health tracking sensors that are able to provide its user information about their health in real-time. An example of this is the iPhone 6 which can be connected with an Apple Watch to measure the vital signs of the user, but the handset alone comes with health tracking apps and features. Based on a post by O2 in which they featured the smartphone, the latest iPhone comes pre-built with a M8 motion co-processor chipset that measures their speed and distance, while the barometer provides them accurate information about their elevation level.

The iOS 8 also comes with a Health app that allows users to view their health status in real-time and track their food intake on a daily basis, offering them a computed rundown of their overall calorie intake for the day. All of this data can be viewed and accessed on a single dashboard that can be organized in days, weeks, months, or even years.

There are additional apps that you can install on your smartphone to track your health and food intake. Click here to view the list of Android and iOS apps suggested by Healthline.

Motivate yourself by being inspired

To help you get started on your journey to full fitness, consider looking for inspiring individuals who can change your outlook on exercise, diet, weight loss, and general health. There are some influential people in the fitness and wellness world, even Michelle Obama regularly enthusing about how everyone should live a healthy and active lifestyle. The first lady of America is not only inspiring for being the partner of the President, but she also enjoys keeping herself in shape. She is known to take full advantage of the White House Kitchen Garden. Her toned biceps show how she spends time working out despite her busy schedule. Mrs. Obama’s own program that fights childhood obesity presents her concern and dedication to keep the country safe from illnesses brought on by obesity.

Once you’ve found a good inspiring individual to look up to, start working on your goals. Why do I need to be healthy? Why do I need to spend time working out? It has to be for your wellbeing, your present, and your future.

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Then, once you’ve achieved your initial goals, challenge yourself again. Never stop being healthy. Start being an inspiration to others like Michelle Obama and you will feel satisfied by the goals that you have achieved and look forward to more progress in the future.

At the end of it all, your ability to challenge yourself and change your perspective about fitness and wellness will be the key in ensuring that you are always in tiptop shape. We want you to start your healthy habits by changing your diet soon and visiting our section for healthy food recipes. How do you keep up with your wellbeing in-check, in today’s fast paced environment? Share your ideas and tips with our other readers below.

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