High Street Cart Noodles: MSG Free Noodles in Trendy Sai Ying Pun

High Street Cart Noodles: MSG Free Noodles in Trendy Sai Ying Pun

High Street Cart Noodles offers seriously slurp-worthy noodles that are also MSG free in one of Hong kong's trendy neighbourhoods: Sai Ying Pun

 Franc_about_food  on 16 Feb '16

Before living in Asia I never really understood the joy of a good noodle soup, but after my first few months in the Kong I came to the realization that it’s the ultimate Asian comfort food - warming, ridiculously tasty and carb loaded! So when the HK temperatures took a turn for the worst and I felt the sniffles coming on, I decided it was about time to check out Sai Ying Pun newbie, High Street Cart Noodles.

With its bright red shop front featuring a true Hong Kong Style Siu Mai station, this place is hard to miss. The interiors are fairly simple - a few pictures of local celebs on the walls, some glass red lamps and a small number of stalls and metal tabletops. Pretty much what one would expect from a local noodle joint, with a slight modern touch.

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Pics of local celebs and red lamps

On entering I was quickly seated at a table full of phone-hypnotized strangers and was promptly instructed to choose from a selection of their MSG-free broths (clear, brisket, pumpkin and tomato, curry and Sichuan style), a selection of noodles and most importantly a wide selection of toppings. Toppings range from the more standard fish balls to the slightly questionable sounding, chicken testis. The beef brisket ($9) came highly recommended by the waiter, and in the mood for an iron boost, I decided to go for that option along with the beef brisket broth, cheese sausage ($9) (because you can’t beat a cheese sausage), seasonal veg ($9) and the e-fu noodles($14).

Specials and sides board

Specials and sides board

In addition to the noodle soup this place also offers a small selection of side dishes. Being a lover of all things deep-fried I was immediately drawn to the croquettes which come in either bacon and onion, corn and curry or mushroom. While they all sounded pretty darn tasty being alone at the time I decided to contain myself and go for only one bacon and onion croquette ($12).

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Bowl of steaming beef brisket soup

After a short wait a steaming bowl of soup was placed in front of me. From the dark colour of the broth I knew I was in for a treat and as expected it was all things a good brisket broth should be; rich, smooth and with just the right levels of star anise running through it. The fat: meat ratio of the beef chunks was also perfection, although I could have done with a few more of them. The bouncy e-fu noodles also hit the spot soaking up the broth nicely. The seasonal veggie turned out to be iceberg lettuce. While in the past my English taste buds would have cried at the thought of cooked iceberg I’ve become rather partial to the crunchy/sogginess so this was a welcome discovery. Finally, the cheese sausage was exactly what you’d expect from a cheese sausage; a mini German frankfurter with artificial tasting cheese bursting out of it. You either love it or hate it. I loved it. Finally, the lone croquette arrived shortly after my soup looking a little sad on one piece of lettuce. Despite its rather unimpressive appearance, the flavor was good, although it arguably could have done with a little less time in the deep fryer.


Simple and tasty noodle soups in a no frills environment.  I wouldn’t venture too far to come here but if you’re in the neighborhood and the noodle soup craving hits you, this your place.     

High Street Cart Noodles

T: 2858 2680

39 High Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong Island 

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