Green Monday x OVO Green Living Emporium

Green Monday x OVO Green Living Emporium

Green Monday opens the world’s first plant-based megastore, OVO Green Living Emporium, at Nan Fung Tower, Central

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Green Common  Green Common  on 17 Oct '15

The Future of Common Good is Here

This year in April, social venture Green Monday launched its first plant-based concept store, Green Common, in Wan Chai, with the mission to make green common by empowering our community with wholesome and sustainable plant-based choices. Green Common has quickly become a gourmet hot spot, prompting a revolution in shopping for food. More and more customers now realise that every time they spend money on food, they are casting a vote for the world they want to see. We received an overwhelming number of inquiries about when we will open more outlets and where. Our philosophy: common good, common sense is starting to flourish as a real trend.

On the other hand, the 15-year quality lifestyle brand OVO launched OVOCAFE and OVOGARDEN in Wan Chai last year to promote a healthy green diet and nature appreciation. The hungry mobiles just can’t resist the delightful presentation of the vegetarian dishes and the natural brilliance of the interior – another example of the rising green wave in town.

In fact, sustainable eating and lifestyle is not only a global trend, it is a global necessity. With the escalation of climate change, Hong Kong is experiencing the hottest autumn in 130 years; California has just had the worst drought in 1,200 years; Thailand has also recently suffered the worst drought in 10 years. We are talking about environmental anomalies that are already threatening this generation, not the next.

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The simplest and most impactful action everyone can take to reduce our carbon and water footprint is to embrace a more plant-based diet. This awareness is starting to build up in Hong Kong and abroad. Yet awareness alone is not enough. There is still a lack of choice, convenience, taste, and a misperception of plant-based lifestyles in the market that discourage people from taking action. Hence Green Common and OVO present the world’s first plant-based megastore at Nang Fung Place, in Central district, the heart of Hong Kong’s financial and political activities,  incorporating plant-based supermarket Green Common, designer vegetarian bistro OVOCAFE, floral art boutique OVOGARDEN, and a brand new cruelty-free cooking studio called Kind Kitchen all under one roof to make green living universally actionable.

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OVO takes up the design job for this new landmark, infusing the enlightening quotes and messages delivered by Green Common to create a harmonious and enjoyable shopping atmosphere. One of the highlights has to be the Green Wall of Fame, that features hand-written messages from internationally renowned celebrities such as Faye Wong, Rosamund Kwan, Kenny Bee, Sandy Lam, Kevin Choy and anothermountainman, who encourage more people to go vegetarian.

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This 6,000+ square foot space will be the world’s first plant-based megastore that is unprecedented even in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and London. Hong Kong will be the first to have such a landmark!


From Mindful Eating to Mindful Living

This Green Living Emporium is comprised of four major zones, the largest being our plant-based supermarket Green Common that sells Food 2.0, superfoods, fresh produce, snacks, cooking ingredients and other non-food supplies. Over 1,000 different items from all over the world will be displayed and categorised by customer’s needs and themes of health and sustainability. We go the extra mile to provide value-added information on our product shelves such as the country of origin, knowledge about the ingredients, and a comprehensive icon system that shows whether each item is organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, raw, fair-trade, no garlic & onion and / or locally made.

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In addition, to offer a holistic solution for green living, this megastore will also sell personal care and household items that are plant-based, natural, organic and sustainable for the environment.

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Social elements in the first Green Common outlet include the Bag Relay Station, that facilitates the sharing and re-use of shopping bags, the BYOB initiative, where our in-store water dispenser gives free refills to anyone who brings their own bottles, as well as the Rice for Gift initiative where 1% of each transaction at Green Common goes to a Food Angel x Green LUCK program that redistributes surplus food from banquets to people in need, will all carry on in this megastore. Hence each time you shop at Green Common, you are also fulfilling a social responsibility. 

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Live Green, Taste Kind

The second zone in our megastore is Kind Kitchen: a brand-new cruelty-free cooking studio that will be a key vehicle for public education. Kind Kitchen is a meeting place for us to share our joy and creativity in plant-based cooking. Led by Master Chef Veggie Mom Christine, we will invite partnering chefs to give cooking classes for all sorts of cuisines, be it European, Indian, Southeast Asian or raw vegan. Workshops such as food labeling seminars, vegetarian 101, raw vegan diet 101, etc. will also take place regularly at Kind Kitchen. Participants will learn how to cook and eat in a way that is good for ourselves, good for others, and good for the planet.

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Special thanks to the German brand Miele for sponsoring the cooking equipment and appliances, and Colour Living for sponsoring the fitted cabinets and faucets from Italy.

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Throughout the entire megastore, you will get inspiration from its interior design that is decorated by green quotes of iconic international personalities, info-graphics about food and the environment, photos that visualise the effects of climate change, and a reading corner with books and magazines about plant-based diets and sustainable living. You will even find free recipes that you can take home to practice your green culinary skills in case you missed a class at Kind Kitchen.    

The Green Eating Re-invention

Last year, local creative lifestyle brand OVO and the renowned “coffee geek” Felix Wong joined together and started OVOCAFE, a chic vegetarian place at the old Wan Chai market. Dedicated to health and an eco-lifestyle, OVOCAFE serves fresh and tasty green eats to city inhabitants, not only to satisfy the needs of vegetarians, but also to reach out to those unfamiliar with a green diet to encourage them to taste the beauty of sustainable living. It is exciting to see more and more young people joining the vegetarian revolution. Green eating has become fashionable. 

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With hopes to bring tasty surprises to the new Green Living Emporium, OVOCAFE has specially created an entirely new menu. Using Western cuisine as the main ingredient, the chef has adopted bold combinations of various flavours that give an unexpected twist. Dishes like the “Cream Tom Yum Sliced Noodles” and “Bean Curd Skin Pockets Stuffed with Black Garlic Risotto” unleash exotic charm by infusing Southeastern styles and seasonings. All are crafted to get the taste buds’ attention.

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For the first time, OVOCAFE has included Beyond Meat on the menu. Invested in by Bill Gates and introduced by Green Common, Beyond Meat is dubbed as "the future of protein". This 100% plant-based meat substitute carries the same amount of protein and nutrition value as real meat, without sacrificing its taste, chew or satisfaction.  The masterful cooking of OVOCAFE's chef, coupled with the realistic meat texture of Beyond Meat, equals the most eco-friendly and delicious green dish possible.  

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With the same interior concept as its Wan Chaishop, the new OVOCAFE is again connected with OVOGARDEN to create an expanse of greenery, offering an “urban oasis” where you can breathe in the natural brilliance and enjoy food delicacies away from the hustle of the city.  Green messages and concepts are exhibited everywhere within the cafe, whether it is on the menu, chalkboard or interior décor. OVOCAFE wishes to offer guests not just a joyful dining experience, but also positive inspirations to take home and be shared.

Indulge in Natural Brilliance

Over the past decade, OVOGARDEN has always been a floral art boutique filled with creative surprises. In this Green Living Emporium, OVOGARDEN aspires to create a harmonious atmosphere, indulging all senses with its ingenious designs out of the breath of nature. 

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Apart from an array of elegant bouquets and floral decors, OVOGARDEN goes even further in cultivating its own zen garden with the latest series of Japanese bonsai art. Hand-arranged and designed by skilled florists, each and every bonsai carries its own distinctive elegance and form, matching with the beautifully handcrafted pots from Japan, they become art pieces that come with life and soul, initiating a serene atmosphere full of tranquility and vitality.

Stepping into the new OVOGARDEN, you will be captivated by the magnificent “botanic arts” hanging from the ceiling, one of which even measures up to four meters long. These sculpture-like arrangements are designed with the use of both artificial and real flowers, meaning guests can probably observe the change of their colours and features over time. The realistic decorative grass wall and all the lovely floral creations exhibited in every corner combine to make OVOGARDEN a place for appreciation towards nature and a retreat for city dwellers to unwind.

Green Monday x OVO Green Living Emporium

Shop 1, 1/F, Nan Fung Place, 173 Des Voeux Road C., Central, Hong Kong

Green Common 

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Green Common

Green Common

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