Secret Supper Unveiled: Feast Catering Kitchen

Secret Supper Unveiled: Feast Catering Kitchen

We held our latest Secret Supper HK in an industrial kitchen with Feast Catering

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The Experience

If you haven't heard of Foodie's Secret Suppers yet, they are a series of fun events filled with great food, wine and an evening of surprises. We've driven hordes of people by coach to an industrial loft, met people on a busy Soho street with cocktails in hand and even tried to ambush unsuspecting guests in a park in the dead of night. For our fourth edition of Foodie's Secret Supper series, we collaborated with Uber for a glamorous ride to the venue and greeted guests with a glass of Prosecco provided by Bottles XO, which they sipped in anticipation of the evening ahead.

Hearts were beating a little faster as the Ubers left the city, took the Eastern Tunnel out of Hong Kong Island and drove deep into Kowloon. 'Are we heading to Shenzhen? Are we going to China? How far are we going exactly? I didn't agree to this.' The cars veered into the eerie industrial estate of San Po Kong. 'This is it. This is where we all get murdered.' Sweat glands working overdrive, guests stepped out and were greeted with friendly smiles and an open service lift. 

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A long banquet table filled the industrial kitchen in San Po Kong

Fear, it seems, is all part of the fun when it comes to surprises. Stepping into what seemed like the first scene of a classic horror movie, guests entered the service lift with trepidation, not knowing where they were or what was to be revealed once the gate opened. A candlelit corridor and canapés were on the other end, and guests stepped inside the venue to find a large, beautifully decorated communal table in an industrial kitchen. Finally, we revealed that the dinner was hosted by Drawing Room Concepts and their catering company, Feast Catering.

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Feast Catering really did serve a full feast for the event

Feast Catering and Bottles XO

The masterminds behind VascoIsono and AMMO, Drawing Room Concepts launched Feast Catering last year, serving hearty, wholesome and affordable food for any occasion. Guests were certainly treated to a feast, with canapés to start, followed by large sharing platters of zesty quinoa salads and cheese spreads. Bottles XO brought their wine expert Tiago, who paired a floral Chartron La Fleur Sauvingon Blanc with the canapés to whet everyone's appetites. 

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Whole side of salmon with ginger and lemongrass

The staff were on hand to pass around the banquet platters before we moved on to the expertly cooked mains of whole roasted rib-eye, cooked medium rare and sliced in inviting ruby-red pieces, salmon with ginger and lemongrass and a slow-roasted shoulder of lamb that kept us going back for more. Tiago guided us through the reds of the evening, with a Guado al Melo and a Château Brun that went surprisingly well with the spicy salmon and lamb. 

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The roasted rib-eye was sliced in inviting ruby-red pieces

After we thought we couldn't eat any more, out came the cake, the cheese and chocolate kind and tarts for good measure, with sides of fruit that paired well with a beautiful dessert Champagne Cordon Bleu. And to keep the party going, Bottles XO also brought out a Anne Marie Cava to end a perfect night of feasting.

Image titleTiago of Bottles XO guiding us through the wine pairing of the evening

We are left with a predicament now. Everything from the experience to the food and service was impeccable, leaving us to think – how will we ever top this one? Anyone know of any other industrial kitchens in obscure places that we can take over and serve a feast to a large group of people? If you have any ideas on where our next Secret Supper should be held, get in touch, in secrecy, and we will try to make it happen.

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