Donut and Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches at Munchies

Donut and Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches at Munchies

Donut and Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches at Munchies: a happening little bakery and ice cream parlour in Sheung Wan

HGvsTheWorld  HGvsTheWorld  on 23 Aug '15

Sometimes I get those rare days where I don’t feel fat and I feel like I deserve a treat. They are usually the days I’ve been to the gym and haven't snacked. However, I don’t do treats in moderation so off we waddled to try the new ice cream store ‘Munchies’ to cancel out any potential calorie deficit I was experiencing.

At Munchies you can have ice cream. Or cookies. Or doughnuts. OR ICE CREAM SANDWICHED BETWEEN COOKIES OR DOUGHNUTS! Naturally I went for the ice cream and doughnut combo and being an absolute sucker for salted caramel, I debated the salted caramel ice cream or salted caramel doughnut, thinking both would be a bit much. I went for the salted caramel ice cream sandwiched between a maple walnut doughnut and pretended that doughnuts are better for you as they are cut in half as opposed to having two cookies to make the sandwich.

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I sampled the salted caramel ice cream and it definitely quenched my insatiable lust for salty and sweet favourings.  The doughnut was excellent considering I'm not a big fan of them usually, and although it tasted a bit greasy, I kind of love that about doughnuts. They’re fried sugary dough for crying out loud, they’re meant to taste terrible for you. The only problem was that the maple sweetness kind of overshadowed the saltiness, but that’s just if I'm being really picky.

Donut Ice Cream Sammy!

However, my jealousy kicked in to an extreme level when I tried my friend’s sandwich; he’d chosen vanilla ice cream sandwiched in a salted caramel glazed doughnut. That glaze was…amaze! I immediately regretted (but still enjoyed) my choice. At least I know what to get next time! All of the calorie deficit cancelling guilt was counteracted by the fact that everything Munchies serves is GMO free, all natural and organic! Yay!

The staff were laid back and cool yet helpful whilst I made my agonising choices. The store has a great location on the Shin Hing steps. The seating room upstairs is a little awkward as it looks like they've just chucked a couple of benches in there. There is chalk provided so you can draw on the black walls, which is fun but I think if the seating was a bit more relaxed, there would be more potential for Munchies to be a cool little chill out spot.

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4 Shin Hing, Sheung Wan

Hong Kong

Hours: Tue-Sat: 12pm-10pm

             Sun: 12pm-9pm

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