Veggie Weekend

Veggie Weekend

A collection of vegan and vegetarian recipes at your fingertips

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Foodie collaborates with RTHK’s Angelina Draper for our tech section, which is especially for the technological foodie. Each week, Angelina talks tech, laying out a few of the best food apps on the virtual market, so that you dear Foodies can use your smartphones to effectively sort through the dizzying choices of restaurants, recipes and reviews that populate the world wide web. This week we check out Veggie Weekend.

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If your New Year’s resolution this year coincided with (finally!) listening to your mother’s advice to eat more vegetables, you might appreciate a little culinary inspiration that comes with the Veggie Weekend app.

At fist glance the app’s name led me to believe it was an all-veggie weekend detox plan. In reality, while offering useful information about individual ingredients and dishes, the app is a collection of vegan and vegetarian recipes packaged in a well-designed app.

Developed for the iPhone and iPad, the app is free to download and comes with 18 recipes. These can be extended with very reasonably priced in-app recipe bundle purchases, including: 10 Recipes Inspired by Asia, 10 Vegan Desserts and 12 Breakfast Treats – amongst others.

What I particularly like about this app is the integration with Apple’s Reminders app and the popular Buy Me A Pie app, allowing users to easily add ingredients to their shopping lists. Following the recipes is particularly easy thanks to the option that lets users swipe away each task upon completion.

You don’t need to be a vegan or vegetarian to appreciate the Veggie Weekend app just a keen cook looking to add some variety to your diet.

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