14 Superfoods that Give Kale a Run for its Money

14 Superfoods that Give Kale a Run for its Money

It's time to recalibrate the superfood hierachy

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We all love kale and the nutritional punch it provides. We add it to our salads, blend it in our smoothies and even bake our very own homemade kale chips out of it. Surprisingly, a recent study conducted on superfoods does not put kale at the top of the list. In fact, kale falls in the middle ranking at number 15, meaning there are 14 other superfoods that are even more nutritious than our beloved kale.

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 A surprising, lesser-explored candidate, watercress, tops the list with a nutrient density score of 100. Its real score is actually higher than that, but the maximum score was capped at 100 for clarity sake. Kale pales in comparison, with a nutrient density score of 49.07. Sitting right below watercress are Chinese cabbage and chard, ranking second and third place respectively on this list of superfoods. 

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Watercress salad with beet and goat cheese

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This doesn’t mean we should throw out our kale recipes all together, but it wouldn’t hurt to start looking at ways we can incorporate watercress into our meals. Watercress is a great salad staple and goes with just about any other superfood whether they are fruits or vegetables. Oranges, beets and spinach, just to name a few, complement the peppery spiciness and crunch that watercress is known for and create a fun, delicious combination that is bound to win your taste buds over.

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