Australia-Based Mayura Station Debuts Beef from Chocolate-Fed Cattle

Australia-Based Mayura Station Debuts Beef from Chocolate-Fed Cattle

The unique diet results in an unparalleled flavour, setting it a cut above other meats in the industry

Hillary  Hillary  on 7 Oct '16

Ever wondered how your beef would taste if the cows it came from were fed sweets and chocolate? Never? Well, now you don't have to.

First established in 1845, Australia-based Mayura Station is one of the country's oldest and most respected pastoral operations. Their 3,000-hectare Limestone Coast farm in South Australia is home to 7,000 of Australia's finest Wagyu cattle and is the epicentre of outstanding Wagyu genetics outside Japan. Its 100 per cent full-blooded Wagyu cattle were imported into Australia in 1997, and now, their diet is rounded off with a sweet treat.

'We first started introducing chocolate and candies to the cows' diet after we analysed the composition of the feed they use in Japan for their Wagyu cattle. A lot of similar ingredients are found in a bar of Cadbury, so we decided to introduce it to our cattle’s diet,' managing partner at Mayura Station, Scott De Bruin, explained.

The result is a unique flavour profile, producing a tenderness and succulent juiciness that makes the beef melt in your mouth.

Mayura beef cubes

Unlike most other cattle-breeding operations, Mayura Station is vertically integrated and in control of all processes, from breeding the Wagyu, to growing the grains, to the final butchery. All of this is evidenced in the high quality of the meat.

With the help of Hong Kong’s premier food distributor, Waves Pacific, Mayura can now be found at award-winning restaurants such as 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana, ArcaneSerge et le phoque, Le Garcon Saigon and VEA, where the Wagyu on the menu is branded 'Mayura' to indicate that their establishment is using the very finest of Australian beef. Head down to one of these restaurants and try for yourself the unique flavour of the beef from Mayura's chocolate- and candy-fed cows, unparalleled with others in the industry.

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