$1 Appetisers and Desserts at Holy Crab in March

$1 Appetisers and Desserts at Holy Crab in March

You can get $1 appetisers and desserts at Holy Crab in Lan Kwai Fong till the end of March

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Holy Crab  Holy Crab  on 15 Mar '16

To celebrate Holy Crab turning one (~˘▾˘)~ you can get $1 appetisers and desserts for all of March.

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Here's how:

Order a main course and you’ll only have to shell out an extra $1 for an appetiser or dessert. 

Included in the list of appetisers, you can choose from:

  • Traditional Caesar salad served with grated parmesan & garlic croutons $108  $1
  • Caramelised Watermelon Salad with Grilled Scallop $148  $1
  • Lobster Fries with Chipotle sauce $185  $1
  • Crab Dip $168  $1
  • Coconut Shrimp with Marmalade sauce $158  $1
  • Hot Beef Sundae $158  $1
  • Buffalo Chicken Wings $158  $1
  • Holy Crab Cake $148  $1

Or, the desserts:

  • New York Cheese Cake $68  $1
  • Brownie with Vanilla ice-cream $68  $1
  • Bread Pudding Bites $98  $1
  • Pigs in the mud $98  $1
  • Oreo Crumbs Chocolate Strawberry Tart $98  $1

Get the point? We recently discussed what $1 can buy you in Hong Kong, but this March - the answer is "a lot"!

Only oysters are excluded, and each person can only have one per order, per day from Sunday to Wednesday. If that's not a deal breaker, here are another 5 reasons to get to the new Crab. 

Holy Crab

Holy Crab

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