The Blissful Carrot - Taking Macau by an Organic Vegetarian Storm

The Blissful Carrot - Taking Macau by an Organic Vegetarian Storm

Some healthy, organic food is now available in Macau

jaslynkate  jaslynkate  on 9 Nov '15

When you think of Macau, organic vegetarian food is not generally the first thing that comes to mind, but thanks to an American couple, who are now Macau-residents, they are putting Macau on the whole foods map. The Blissful Carrot was a long-time dream of the health and sustainability-conscious Adam and Marisa.

Brought here by the the entertainment industry as divers for The House of Dancing Water, the pair now pioneer this takeaway gem and soon-to-be monthly market with a vision of creating a more environmentally and health-conscious method of both sourcing and consuming food.

First of all, let me self-indulge with just how good this food tastes. Don't let the health factor fool you with just how rich and decent the food is here. The smoothies are out-of-this-world (which is still an understatement even for someone well-versed in smoothies like myself). All are generous servings made in glass jars, equipped with bamboo pipe straws; a personal favourite of mine is the muscle recovery full of coconut milk, peanut butter, bee pollen, banana and more. They also offer cold-pressed juices and a flexible juice detox program me tailored to the individual.

Cake counter

The food is cafe style - everything from all-day breakfast, to salads and rice bowls, tacos / quesadillas and pasta, all with a whole foods twist. The bimibap bowl is a popular Indonesian-inspired dish of sautéed kale and mixed vegetables in a peanut-chilli sauce topped with a fried egg, tamari grilled tempeh (which is made on-site), sesame seeds and crispy dried shallots.

Other favourites include the I am raw salad, the breakfast burrito and the homemade coconut oil pesto in the grilled veggie bowl. Lastly, I cannot rave enough about the homemade vegan and gluten-free cakes, tarts, cupcakes, peanut butter cups and bliss balls - all are delicious, guilt- free and make for the perfect treat. This kind of organic vegetarian haven definitely will give any of the Hong Kong cafes a run for their money and it also stands alone in its own right.

Most of the food is sourced from Adams organic farm in Thailand, which is CSA certified. A good portion is grown in their own kitchen upstairs (sprouted beans, lettuce, pineapples) and the rest sourced as locally as possible.

This kind of foresight and passion for sustainable living brings richness and love to the food and is definitely taking Macau by storm. The cafe is well worth any visit to Macau, or two, or three, or like me just as many meals as you can fit in to your time in Macau.

Their mantra for sustainability has a wider community influence as they kick off a local artisan farmers market starting in Grand Coloane Beach Resort in late November. They are pitching for anyone interested in artisan food / beverages, organic foods, handcrafted goods and entertainment, to get in touch for this every third Wednesday evening of the month market. And lastly there are currently plans in the pipeline to carve out plots of land between the Blissful Carrot and locals to begin to cultivate their own organic produce.

Bimibap bowl with quinoa

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The Blissful Carrot

氹仔施督憲正街79A高輝閣地下B Vila Da Taipa, Ilhas, Macau

Tel. 6298 8433

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