Catching the Newest Juicery in Town

Catching the Newest Juicery in Town

A review of the new organic Catch Juicery on Wellington Street

jaslynkate  jaslynkate  on 23 Nov '15

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If you're into 100% certified organic, raw and whole foods doused with all the nutrition one could hope for - then this newly opened juicery in Soho is a real catch (and yes, the pun was unfortunately intended).

Walking into Catch Juicery you might easily mistake it for a trendy Brooklyn health-cafe or a hipster-chic-Sydney-or-East-London-organic pit stop...and to be honest, the quality of food and drinks on offer are not too far off. This vibrant juice speakeasy welcomes you with a mix of bright comfy cafe- style decor, alongside shelves and fridges stacked with organic groceries, produce, juices and ready-to-go salads.

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The groceries are well-thought through with only the best produce and cleanest organic groceries from coconut chips to nut butter on offer. The main draw of the place however, is obviously the juice and smoothie options.

Juices are cold-pressed and made with 100% certified organic ingredients sourced and imported internationally. They are made daily in the factory in Aberdeen before being delivered onsite by 10 am. Packaged in gorgeous tall glass bottles, juices reign supreme here, jammed full of interesting mixes of fruit, veggies and superfood supplements without any added sugars or H2O.

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To start with, I tried the Skinny Jeans Juice, a full-bodied green machine of cucumber, spinach, celery, parsley, Himalayan salt and spirulina. This is the juice that really comes to terms with the statement and aim of the company - producing super-healthy fare whilst maintaining taste and making the pursuit of nutrition palatable. The Lucky Strike was a favourite. Made of pineapple, grapefruit, red apple, lime, lemon, camu camu and chia seeds means it's a bit sweeter. It's tanginess and different texture from the chia seeds brings a welcome added dimension to the juice. The Almond Mylk made with almond nuts, agave, vanilla extract, me shook dates and filtered water was not as exciting as the juices but it works for a lighter, slightly creamier guilt-free drink.

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The great thing about these juices is that even the more fructose-based mixes don't overdo it on the sweetness factor and allow each drink to have a complexity of flavours. More than anything - these juices are fresh and you can really taste what you're paying for. At between $60 - $88HKD it's not the cheapest on the block but that's to be expected because of the quality and well worth the price considering the ingredients, the process (cold-pressed) and the end product.

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The options of smoothies are interesting and varied with loads of fruit and veggie combinations and added supplements on offer. Muscle Beach is one of the most popular with CATCH's almond mylk, banana, chocolate-based protein, blueberries and cacao. 

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They are also beginning to offer up salad boxes made daily by a chef instore. The offerings of kale, quinoa, tofu and chickpeas are all concocted and dressed with herbs and organic oils to keep any lunchtime significantly tasty and guilt-free.


All in all, Catch Juicery has definitely caught on to something good here. With doors open from 8am - 10pm the hope is that the health revolution will make this an institution for the health freaks,  the post-work gym crowd, office-on-a-break folks and anyone in between to hang out or drop by. With the vibe that is pumping out of the place already, our hope is that many more people will enjoy the benefits of this place as well. 

Catch Juicery

Website or Tel: 852 2567 3677

Opening Hours: Everyday from 7:30am - 9:30pm

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