Top 10 Cookies in Hong Kong, Ranked 

Top 10 Cookies in Hong Kong, Ranked 

Your Chinese New Year’s resolution should be to try all these cookies...

Jeniffer Chiat  Jeniffer Chiat  on 28 Jan '20

Header photo credit: Cookie DPT

“If sad, eat cookie. If still sad, talk to doctor. Sounds serious.” – Cookie Monster

The Foodie team is full of self-professed cookie monsters. There is not much that excites us more than the smell, taste and texture of a perfectly baked, gooey cookie. Luckily, there are some very talented cookie makers in Hong Kong to satisfy our every cookie desire.

After hours of tasting, debating and analysing, here is our list of the best cookies in HK, ranked in order of cookie greatness:

10. Mrs Fields

Mrs Fields Hong Kong

Big ups to Mrs Fields for gracing many MTR stations with the wonderful scent of freshly baked cookies. With their wide selection of flavours and cookies of all shapes and sizes, it’s not easy to resist when walking past on our daily commute. For some, Mrs Fields’ cookies are just a bit too sweet, but with their many locations, they’ve certainly got enough loyal fans.

Price: $14.50 (or buy 5 and get 1 free)

Go-to cookie: semi-sweet chocolate chip

Multiple branches around Hong Kong; click here for locations

9. Pret A Manger

Pret A Manger Hong Kong

The cookies at Pret are smaller and crunchier than the others on this list, but they still hold a special place in our hearts. By far the most cost-effective cookies, these little guys are dangerously addictive. While they may look bite-sized, don’t be fooled – these cookies are as calorie loaded as any other. Always be sure to use your cookie calories wisely!

Price: $7 (seriously, you can’t beat it)

Go-to cookie: ginger and molasses (sadly, not available all year-round)

Multiple branches around Hong Kong; click here for locations

8. Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer Hong Kong

Photo credit: @tetadventurer

A solid and consistent favourite amongst cookie lovers, you can’t go wrong with Marks & Spencer. While their packaged cookies are good, their fresh bakery cookies are fantastic. These cookies are super gooey and also on the sweeter side. They’re substantially sized, so if you have more self-control than us, you can eat one in stages.

Price: $13

Go-to cookie: classic chocolate chip

Multiple branches around Hong Kong; click here for locations

7. Maison Eric Kayser

 Maison Eric Kayser

Absolutely loaded with nuts and chocolate chunks, Maison Eric Kayser offers its signature chocolate cookies in milk, dark and white variations. Eric Kayser cookies are aesthetically pleasing, crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. Thanks to the nuts and the option of dark chocolate, these cookies aren’t too sickly sweet. Wash them down with a cup of tea or coffee and get them at a slight discount!

Price: $25 (or $20 as part of a set)

Go-to cookie: dark chocolate

Multiple branches around Hong Kong; click here for locations

6. Beef & Liberty

Beef & Liberty Hong Kong

Not a cookie to eat on the go, this dessert from Beef & Liberty is the perfect post-meal treat to keep your belly and heart warm. Picture a skillet cookie so fresh that the chocolate melts as you dip your spoon into its molten centre. Topped with plenty of warm sweet cream, this is one of those indulgent desserts that will linger on in your mind long after you’ve finished eating it.

Price: $69 + $20 to add vanilla ice cream

Branches in Central, Stanley and Wong Chuk Hang; click here for locations

5. Fineprint

Fineprint Hong Kong

This laid-back Aussie-style café won over our hearts and was awarded the title of Foodie Forks 2019 Editors’ Choice Best Café. One of the many reasons that Fineprint became our fave café is thanks to its delectable cookies. Unfortunately, these chunky cookies don’t come cheap, but we love their sea salt chocolate chip cookies with a fiery passion. The addition of sea salt means that they’re not too sweet but remain perfectly satisfying.

Price: $30

Go-to cookie: sea salt chocolate chip

Central: 38 Peel Street, SoHo, 5503 6880

Tai Hang: 1 Lily Street, 5331 5205

4. Bakehouse

Bakehouse Hong Kong

Bakehouse is a go-to spot for all our baked good needs. Aside from their fabulous croissants and sourdough egg tarts, what keeps us coming back are their rich and chocolatey cookies, with chocolate that oozes out and a texture that mimics the gooeyist brownie you’ve ever had. They also have an oatmeal option for those strange humans who dislike chocolate.

Price: $18

Go-to cookie: double chocolate chip (obviously)

14 Tai Wong Street East, Wanchai


FINI’S Hong Kong

Another cookie dessert phenomenon, FINI’S New York-style skillet cookie is – like everything on the menu – massive, delicious and a bit of a guilty pleasure. Incredibly thick, filled with molten chocolate and topped with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream, this is a luxurious treat best shared with friends. While it’s certainly not a cookie we can justify eating all the time, we do wish we could do just that.

Price: $79

Central: 49 Elgin Street, SoHo, 2387 6338

Wanchai: 69 Stone Nullah Lane, 3182 0128

2. Baked Indulgence

Baked Indulgence Hong Kong

Formerly Top Indulgence, these passionate bakers have recently rebranded themselves as Baked Indulgence, offering delivery of fine baked goods. So far, we’ve only tried their Chinese New Year creations such as the cocktail bun (pictured here), tang yuan, milk tea and dark chocolate and pistachio cookies. These innovative takes on classic Hong Kong flavours and amazing likenesses to their influences without a hint of artificial flavouring were enough to shoot these cookies straight to one of the top spots on our list!

Price: $35 (minimum order of 6 pieces, 3 per flavour)

Go-to cookie: so far, the cocktail bun has wowed us the most

Currently available only for delivery; WhatsApp 9706 0506 for more info

1. Cookie DPT

Cookie DPT Hong Kong

If you’ve been involved in the HK cookie scene over the past two years, the name Cookie DPT is sure to fill you with pure joy. It’s safe to say that we are absolutely obsessed with their insanely decadent cookies. We love their seasonal and exclusive creations (such as the pineapple bun, s’mores marshmallow and brownie-stuffed chocolate chip) just as much as we love their classics. While these cookies are on the pricier side, keep in mind that they are about the size of a human hand and as thick as a short novel – they’re meals in themselves! They make (even more) giant bespoke cookie cakes, which we highly recommend for a special occasion.

Price: $40

Go-to cookie: peanut butter and, of course, classic chocolate chip

Pop-ups around Hong Kong; currently at LAB CONCEPT, Queensway Plaza, 93 Queensway, Admiralty, until
24 January 2020

For delivery, message them on IG

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